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Is the term "artificial intelligence" being misused?

No, it's being abused by people outside of computer science and technology. The media, ah, the public, and certain public figures, ah, spend their days advocating some kind of AI threat theory, bent on making a big story. Really line up and stop blowing smoke. The net is to screw us serious people who are on the front lines of research and moving bricks. I was able to dodge a visa application a few years ago, but now, well, the visa officer takes a look at the major field and writes artificial intelligence. And a check is a check for a month or two... We've tried everything. Nothing works... The last time I went to Beijing for my visa, the visa officer was a pretty white girl who I had a good laugh with. Not only did I give a lively introduction to my profession, highlighting the fact that what I do is to post bull moss ads on the internet blah blah blah blah, but I also talked about Pittsburgh (my city) and learned that her brother is in Pittsburgh, just down the road from where I live, blah blah blah. The whole chat was full of fun and the visa officer was amused and giggling. And yet, check! The beautiful visa officer was very patient and reassured me that it was okay, I would definitely pass in the end, but it might take a little longer. Then it checked me directly for 50 days, and the tickets were changed twice... So did another student who does computer vision. Told the visa officer that he actually does human cognitive science, specifically how the human eye looks at something and then thinks blablablabla. The visa officer smiled wickedly with him after listening for a long time, "You're in artificial intelligence, right? " check. By the way, this trend of impropriety has now spread to U.S. Customs. The department has begun to have students entering the customs by the customs staff fear tio scared xi said: "Are you researching artificial intelligence. Why do you want to destroy humanity. "So ah, really get rid of the media comrades high hand, and then so engaged, not to mention the original strong artificial intelligence research can not come out, or can be researched, so continue to be engaged in the yellow.

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