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Is there a shortcut to learning Bayesian mesh meta-analysis?


With the development of the times, Bayesian methods (Bayesian) have become the dominant statistical model for mesh meta-analysis. Journals now basically require a Bayesian model for mesh meta-analysis and not a frequency school of mesh meta-analysis because of the advantage of Bayesian in that the estimates are more accurate and the modeling is more flexible for the currently recommended approach.

Course content.

The principles and key points of mesh meta-analysis, the operation of the software, and the interpretation of the results are explained.

Mesh meta-analysis principles and overlaps

ADDIS software to produce Bayesian mesh meta-analysis

GeMTC software to produce Bayesian mesh meta-analysis

R software to produce Bayesian mesh meta-analysis


This course is serialized and will be updated once a month on the 28th of each month. And the teacher will add any new knowledge that comes out later.

Course Features.

The content is explained from light to deep, in layers, with software and code provided and an instructor available online to answer students' questions.


SCI maniac teacher, research genius, published several SCI in his sophomore year, became a reviewer for more than a dozen SCI journals, mastered multiple programming languages, and experienced in meta-analysis and data mining.

Course Content Presentation.

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