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Is there any quick way to start learning Java from zero base?

I've been learning java face-to-face in Guangzhou for almost 4 months now, and although I've had contact with Java development before, I always feel that my basic knowledge is still lacking. I remember when I first came across Java, we first learned the basic syntax of Java, common APIs, Java IO and multithreading, and later found out that Java is actually a very simple language when we were actually writing projects.

In the subsequent study of java web development and database development, we learned basic SQL add, delete, check and change, SQL optimization and JDBC programming for databases; Web development learned web front end, servlet, jsp, ss etc. I'm currently learning the framework part of it and it's a bit overwhelming but not too difficult, I think the core just needs to capture the business logic and the process will be OK.

After studying Stage 3, I realized that if you usually take good notes in class and accumulate some knowledge, you can look at your previous notes and listen to the teacher's videos whenever you encounter something you don't know. At this stage, I found that when I finished a project, I would go back and look at the notes and videos that the instructor had given and think carefully, and I would find that what the instructor usually taught was what was needed in the project, and what I didn't understand in class before I could start to understand through project practice, which would increase my confidence in learning. Use your time outside of class to get more practice with simple projects, with a lot of practice I think climbing to the top of Java is quite possible.

Here's a summary of what I've learned over this time, one is that if you want to get a high paying job, then tech blogging is an important aspect to showcase your skills; The second is that in the process of learning to have learned the knowledge from time to time to summarize and share, in Qianfeng Guangzhou Java face-to-face learning this time we learned a lot of things, sometimes learn more things will inevitably be a little confusing, before always look at other people's blogs, now I will also share their own learning techniques and knowledge, and we progress together.

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