Is this a chi-square test or an analysis of variance? You have the guts to test it?

44th SPSS Practical Workshop of Jingding


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There are three types of statistics: primitive, expressive and standard. The textbooks talk about the standard type, so at a glance you know what statistical analysis to use? But the reality of the data is so varied that there are definitely times when you are at a loss for words!

Let's try it if you don't believe me!

Here's the case.

We know that plant seeds are subject to loss due to factors such as pests and diseases during preservation, and some agricultural research institute developed a certain drug A to soak the seeds to prevent damage from pests and diseases; however, it was worried about the effect of the drug soaking itself on the germination rate of the seeds, so an experiment was done.

Drug A was set at three different concentrations low, medium and high to soak the seeds, 60 seeds were soaked, 60 seeds of each concentration were divided into three flat dishes and 20 seeds were put into each dish, after completion the seeds were incubated, observe the effect of the three different concentration treatments on the germination rate of the seeds?

Words are too boring, look at the schematic

Some say (A)

Some say the study effect is germination vs. non-germination, an obvious dichotomy yah, chi-square test, must drop!

Let's just combine the three flat dishes, turn the data into the graph below, and compare the difference between the three germination rates of 80%, 92% and 58%!

Some say (B)

This data set is comparing germination rates, and the data should be organized like this! The collated data becomes a comparison of germination rates (%) for three groups of low, medium and high doses, with a sample size of 3 for each of the three groups, as it is 3 replicates, should ANOVA be used yeah?

Pine's statistics say

How does everyone feel about it and how exactly should this data be analyzed? Is there confusion in your mind?

Haha, it's good for your health to think first, and for those who would like to share this article, you can be informed in advance!

OK, I'm Pine Stats, welcome to follow and give you a look!

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