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It's a little scary to watch what will happen in the next few decades

Ray Kurzweil is an inventor, futurist and author. He is also employed by Google "on new projects involving machine learning and language processing". Ray is known for his scientific predictions, some of which have come true. For example, he predicted the breakup of the Soviet Union, computer victories over champion chess players, the emergence of digital assistants (such as Siri), virtual and augmented reality systems, and more.

Ray Kurzweil, who rarely makes mistakes, published a report in October 2010 analyzing all the predictions he made in his 3 books from 1990, 1999 and 2005.

Of the 147 predictions, 115 were completely correct, 12 were largely consistent, 17 were partially consistent, and only 3 resulted in errors. As a futurist, its predictions are 86% accurate!

Here is what he predicts for our future (by 2099).


Thus begins the process of human aging, which will begin to slow down or even reverse.


The computer will continue to get smaller and the shape will change. For example, it will become part of our clothing.

A new world government is gradually emerging, which will represent all of humanity.

A new "Human Body 2.0" will begin to emerge, based on nanotechnology.

The ads will be played individually to each person via audio channels.


Unmanned flying machines and cars will be 100% computer controlled.

Nanotechnology is rapidly advancing, and this will help us understand how the human brain works.


Accurate computer modeling of the human brain will become possible.

By the end of the 1920s, artificial intelligence will be created with capabilities and sophistication comparable to that of the human brain.


Artificial intelligence will be able to pass the Turing test, which will prove its ability to think as a human being.

By the end of the 1920s, virtual reality will reach such high resolution and high realism that it will be difficult to distinguish it from physical reality.

Nanomachines will be used extensively in medicine.

Nanotechnology utilization is becoming so frequent that it is revolutionizing the world economy.

Nanomachines will be able to penetrate cells to input nutrients and eliminate waste, so traditional dietary processes will become unnecessary.


Consciousness uploading will become possible. People will be able to live in the internet, projecting their bodies and virtual reality.

Virtual reality devices disappear. The nanobots will be implanted in the brain and interact directly with brain cells.

Nanomachines in the human brain would help improve cognitive and sensory abilities, including memory.

People will be able to communicate mindfully through wireless networks.

This will become possible to change the personality and memories of the person.

"Human Body 3.0" will emerge and will not have a specific body shape. People are able to change their appearance if they like.

the 2040s

Non-biological intelligence will exceed biological intelligence by billions of times.

People spend most of their time on virtual reality as if it were The Matrix.

Nanomachines will be used extensively to create any shape and surface.


It has become the norm for humans to "upgrade" and "upload".

A computer that is a billion times smarter than everyone else can be purchased for $1,000.

The technological singularity will come: artificial intelligence will surpass human intelligence and will become the most intelligent form of life on Earth.

Changing the history of humanity forever.

Humans will not become extinct because there is not much difference between humans and machines at this point.

2045until2099 year

The Earth will become a giant computer.

Those who want to keep it in its natural state will live in a special reserve.

Humans will no longer be limited by the speed of light.

The influence of artificial intelligence extends to the entire solar system, and then to other galaxies.

Stars, planets and meteors will be transformed into structural matter capable of sustaining life.

By 2099, machines will be able to build computers the size of planets.

Sounds incredible, doesn't it? Are you hoping to see that day in person? Or do you feel a little scared?

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