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It's better to start with driver assistance for the first domestic driverless crash

Driverless vehicles are in trouble again, and this time it's not Uber, it's not Google, it's a Chinese car!

On December 12, in the closed test area of the National Intelligent Networked Vehicle (Shanghai) Pilot Demonstration Zone, an unmanned white car with LIDAR and cameras accelerated through a red light and dodged a "dummy" before rushing through a green belt and a non-motorized lane, directly knocking down a fruit tree on the roadside, and the front face of the car was completely unrecognizable, with the front envelope completely detached, the right headlight and right front wing badly collapsed, and the hood also deformed.

It has been determined that this is the 2014 model 1.5TI manual luxury version of BYD Speedy, three years ago, the Speedy does not yet have automatic driving function, this car is the Chang'an University team after modification, used to participate in the 2017 CIVC China Intelligent Car Competition car, on the first day of the competition, there was a crash accident, afterwards came out a lot of BYD technology but the news, BYD: this pot I do not carry!

Just in June this year in the World Intelligent Driving Challenge (WIDC), Changan University also won the unmanned group leading award with this speedy, this time is not so lucky, the good thing is that no one was injured, driverless accidents have long been nothing new, just in China is still the first time, but also a good thing to prove that the technology is developing, so far, the longest test is Google self-driving cars, from 2009 to 2015, 55 vehicles in a total of 11 accidents.

It seems that driverless want to mature, but also go through enough "bumpy" samples, even the current production of all models, are equipped with fully automatic driving hardware Tesla, is currently only in the internal testing phase, has not been open to ordinary road vehicles.

Frequent see driverless vehicles accident, this time it happened in the country near, many people see that engaging in driverless is idle, there is no place for money, in fact, a study found that 90% of accidents are caused by human error, so the study of driverless still has its significance, although driverless can not operate for the time being, but the current Level 2.0 automatic assisted driving has been able to reduce the accident by 40%, can use the driving assistance is not bad!

First of all, we have to push the ACC adaptive cruise control function (hereinafter referred to as ACC), the principle is very similar to the popular "two-second rule" in Europe and the United States, the "two-second rule", meaning to maintain a "distance" of more than two seconds from the car in front of you, that is, to leave yourself 2 seconds of reaction time, then the problem comes, two seconds is not necessarily pinpointed.

And ACC adaptive cruise function, it will automatically follow the car according to the set time distance, some cars have more advanced ACC, like the new Boly ACC automatic following function, and 1 second, 1.5 seconds, 1.9 seconds three time distance can be adjusted, of course, adjust a few seconds to see your reaction, powerful, the new Boly this ACC also has overtaking assistance, when recognizing that you want to overtake and judge no risk, it will accelerate to help you overtake.

ACC is great to use on the highway, in our busy city .... or forget it, in this morning and evening rush hour where cars are attached to each other, a yawn can cause a rear end, the City Pre-Collision System is very useful in this situation, it works because the system will either brake directly or help you put the brakes in place if you are too late to deal with the rear end hazard.

City pre-crash system is also dependent on the detection of radar first, the industry's most cheating is currently the Dr. developed 77Ghz band millimeter wave radar, Germany, the United States and Japan high-end models are in use, the new Borui in domestic cars on the use of the 77Ghz band, and divided into potential danger alarm, predictive collision alarm, brake assist, emergency braking four stages, so rest assured, will not drive the hair did not stop themselves.

In addition to the above-mentioned tailgating response program, there are also LDW active yaw warning to deal with runaway, when monitoring the vehicle non-active deviation from the lane, the system will remind you through the dashboard with images + sound, but also the pride of our domestic cars New Bolui as an example, LDW active yaw warning can work up to 250km/h, detection distance of 80 meters, to help you correct the direction in time, after all, the consequences of derailment is very serious.

These driving assistance has become more and more mature and reliable, driving will not only be safer, but also more comfortable, like ACC can free the right foot, also considered semi-autonomous driving, so before the arrival of driverless, driving assistance is a very good plug-in, also look forward to using driverless cars soon~

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