It's ready to go! 2018 becomes the year of the exchange coalition breakthrough

The blockchain industry is sputtering in 2017 and digital asset trading has become the meat and potatoes of blockchain technology applications! However, differences in geography, fiat currency, language, investment environment, etc., have fragmented the global exchanges and users, inhibiting the free flow of digital assets in the market! It will take some time for decentralization to be fully realized. For a seamless connection between digital assets and for users to trade freely between different exchanges and different digital assets, the Exchange Alliance was born! The times are right, and whoever can connect global digital asset exchanges along the lines of decentralization will turn the world upside down! The Exchange Alliance has seized this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! 2018 will be the year of the Exchange Alliance!

The outstanding business application scenarios of the Exchange affiliate program have made the Exchange affiliate token XUC doubly popular! This XUC login to OKEX fiat trading area is an unprecedented new initiative for OKEX! Because according to the old calendar OKEX platform fiat currency trading area is provided are BTC/LTC/ETH/ETC/BCH/USDT and other mainstream coins, this time OKEX ingenuity to choose XUC online fiat currency trading area, not only is valued XUC prospects and future, but also to the XUC behind the exchange alliance project affirmation. In addition to logging into the OKEX fiat currency trading area, XUC has also been online in the coin trading area of HitBTC/OKEX/CEX Coinjiu and other globally renowned exchanges, and the development of the Exchange Union has gained strong support from many outstanding companies and industry bigwigs so far! They are:

One of the best smart contract solution providers for Bitcoin scaling, co-founder of RSK Labs - Gabriel Kurman. Co-Founder and CEO of LedgerX, a fully compliant institutional exchange and clearing platform in the US - Paul Chou Co-Founder and CEO of Ripio, Latin America's leading bitcoin exchange and payments company - Sebastian Serrano

...... The Exchange Alliance's Vision and Mission

Born in 2017, Exchange Alliance aims to solve the current situation of fragmentation between exchanges and users due to differences in geography, fiat currency, language, etc. by enabling users to trade between different exchanges/different digital assets through a seamless connection between them. By building a decentralized exchange trading network that is decentralized and does not require credit endorsement, the Exchange Alliance will enable the connection of digital asset exchanges around the world and achieve a win-win situation for exchanges, users, and the Exchange Alliance. Exchange affiliate technology model

The Exchange Alliance opens and connects digital asset exchanges and presents the value proposition of a decentralized trading network. The big difference between exchange alliances and Ripple is that exchange alliances do not require both parties to trust each other when an exchange of value occurs. This allows any exchange to join the alliance. Exchange federations don't even need an intermediary medium such as Ripple to enable value transfer (which has proven ineffective in practice).

With a decentralized exchange solution, exchange federations are able to robustly avoid the damage caused by single points of failure and reduce the potential for many malicious attacks, while also hedging the risks posed by geopolicy. Unlike existing "on-chain" decentralized exchange solutions (e.g. 0x, ethdelta and, transactions occurring on an exchange federation are instantaneous, which solves the biggest pain point of all current decentralized trading technology solutions. Today's decentralized transactions are not only expensive but also slow (e.g., a $5 fee per bitcoin transaction and transfer confirmation times of up to an hour), and such technology cannot be adopted on a large scale. In addition, the exchange federation is cross-chain supported, meaning that transactions do not only happen on a separate blockchain (0x and etherdelta above only support digital currency transactions on the ethereum blockchain).

The core technologies used by the Exchange Alliance are payment channels, atomic swaps and order book integration. The payment channel is a mechanism introduced by the Lightning Network to perform instant, off-chain digital asset transactions. In fact, the interconversion of two digital assets is achieved through an "atomic swap", which occurs directly in the payment channel. In the Exchange Consortium, the payment channel uses slightly modified HTLCs. In simple terms, take the example of a BTC/LTC transaction, where real bitcoins flow from exchange A to exchange B in the bitcoin payment channel, while real litecoin flows from exchange B to exchange A in the litecoin payment channel. HTLCs guarantee the atomicity of asset swaps: either all succeed or the transaction fails. Exchange federations are collecting order information through the corresponding payment channels (e.g. BTC/LTC trade orders will only be broadcast in the BTC and LTC payment channels), and this approach ensures that the system is efficient and decentralized. The order book should be shared with all affiliates in the network with minimal delay. The nodes in the exchange federation will continuously monitor the order books of the different digital assets.

The development of the Exchange Union is implicated in the growth of XUC, with the OKEX fiat trading area online XUC, more people have come into contact with XUC, from the trading volume currently in the OKEX coin trading area the total 24-hour volume has dropped back from 200,000 XUC to 100,000 XUC, which is a side reaction to the fact that investors have taken XUC as a value investment after knowing about the Exchange Union project. XUC is a deflationary digital asset with only 65 million in circulation, the vast majority of which are in a 10-year lock-up period, with the majority to be destroyed in the future; In addition to the monetary attributes, XUC will also serve as a reward mechanism in the future, which will reward developers in the Exchange Alliance open source community, service nodes in the Exchange Alliance network, traders, and exchanges that join the Alliance, which further deepens the utility of XUC!

Overall, the Exchange Alliance is solving the pain points in the development of the blockchain industry through technological innovation, thus ultimately enabling the connection of global digital asset exchanges and achieving a win-win situation for users, exchanges and the Exchange Alliance. In terms of promotional activities, the Exchange Alliance has actively participated in international conferences such as Finwise, TNABC, Blockchain Connect and several offline events for new technologies and application prospects, all of which have received a positive response! 2018 is the year of the Exchange Alliance! At the beginning of spring this year, we will release the technical specification and officially launch the open source work ; A proof-of-concept fact sheet will be released by the Exchange Alliance in the fourth quarter of this year; Early next year we will release our experimental network, and through continuous optimization and upgrades, we will finally go live with the main network, opening the final hurdle to unlock the global digital exchange network! As the Exchange Union enters the fast track of growth, the Exchange Union token XUC will gradually become a freely traded cosmic coin for users and open up global digital asset exchanges!

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