It's up to Shenzhen to gamble or not to gamble in three years!

Your ideal

What does a first-class city look like?

As the saying goes: urban development, traffic first

Building a World-Class Smart Transportation City

Shenzhen is working on it!

On February 13, the State Council issued an approval document "agreeing to build a National Sustainable Development Agenda Innovation Demonstration Zone in Shenzhen with the theme of innovation leading sustainable development in mega cities". It is a sign that in the city management, Shenzhen has started to compete with the international super class cities, Shenzhen innovation demonstration zone this city sample, the future will be as "China experience" to promote to the world.

Transportation, the core artery of a city

The development of each city

All without quality traffic management

Shenzhen Traffic Police按照市委、市政府统筹部署,以“新型智慧城市”建设为指导,从全局视角、顶层设计,实施了 "Shenzhen Intelligent Transportation Phase I" Project,并联合多家前沿顶尖企业,打造了强大的城市交通大脑,推动 Traffic management from "machine embroidery" to "intelligent embroidery" upgrade The Government will continue to raise the level of road traffic management in Shenzhen to new heights.

With the rapid growth of the city

Shenzhen has become the city with the highest vehicle density in the country

Nearly 3.28 million vehicles held

Density over 510 vehicles per kilometre

Ranked first in the country

Intelligent Traffic Management

Imbalances and inadequacies have emerged

为此, Shenzhen Traffic Police将启动

"Shenzhen Intelligent Transportation Phase I" Project

Progressive completion of road traffic monitoring facilities in the city "Full coverage, full HD, full networking, full intelligence". Improve road access, improve traffic order and reduce traffic accidents. Aiming to achieve in 2-3 years time "Leading in the country, first in the world" the overall goal of intelligent traffic management.

Building full traffic intelligence coverage

Project construction point coverage The city's seventeen high speed roads and Baoan, Longhua and Guangming Jurisdiction.

What exactly is the substantial convenience that smart transportation can bring?

When built, the following will be achieved!


one is高快速路 HD video覆盖密度提升到2.4(套/公里),实现全高清覆盖,彻底消除监控盲点;


the second is High expressway chokepoint entrance/exit license plate recognition coverage density increased to 0.9 (sets/entrance/exit), forming an effective complement to the main road equipment and providing strong support for the detection of car-related cases.


thirdly高快速路实现全程、全彩信息发布 harmony诱导,为市民提供更优质的出行服务;


Fourthly. Full coverage of high-definition electric police, signal machines and event detection equipment in traffic safety demonstration zones such as Guangming, with strong support for intelligent signal timing and automatic detection and warning of road accidents and events.


five. Construction of hardware and software infrastructure resources for the municipal transportation data center cloud computing and storage platform, with image processing capacity increased from 10 million to 100 million.

The construction is divided into 17 items in 3 parts, built in three areas as follows.

Strengthen the foundation and ensure safety

针对在高快速路“盲点”,新建1002套 HD video监控、301套车牌识别卡口单元、101套诱导大屏以及配套光纤配电, Realization of full coverage of high and fast traffic monitoring facilities and systematization of information guidance

Focusing and building demonstrations

For the city's key hidden areas of the "pain points", the new 1371 sets of high-definition electric police, the renovation of 300 sets of signal machines and new supporting 300 intersections of video, geomagnetic, microwave traffic detection equipment, 160 sets of event detection system, update 1,186 sets of standard definition video surveillance, all efforts Creating a model traffic safety zone

Integrating data and promoting applications

To address the "hidden spots" of future traffic big data needs, we upgrade OTN and transmission networks, build data center cloud storage and high-performance computing software and hardware infrastructure resource pools to Achieving deep integration and shared application of transportation data resources

Configure secondary identification high-density analysis, intelligent traffic operation and maintenance platform, traffic information release platform, intelligent traffic integrated platform, high-definition platform upgrade and other traffic safety integrated control platform, strengthen and enhance the application of new technologies and the introduction of innovative mechanisms.

Building a Smart Brain for Urban Transportation

The "Shenzhen Intelligent Transportation Phase I" project, from top-level design, planning and construction to completion and operation, will achieve Multiple breakthroughs and highlights

Innovative model, co-creation and building a smart brain

Shenzhen Traffic Police insists on always grasping the traffic development trend in the era of big data, adopts the way of strong cooperation between traffic police and enterprises, carries out all-round, multi-level and wide-field cooperation with many domestic professional scientific research institutions and well-known high-tech enterprises, establishes many laboratories such as signal control, video analysis, traffic simulation and joint innovation, etc., through Adopting big data, artificial intelligence and video cloud technology, aiming to build a unified, open and intelligent urban "traffic brain" The latest and best science and technology is applied to the traffic management work in Shenzhen.

Complementing shortcomings to create an intelligent transportation demonstration area

Based on the full coverage of the construction of traffic monitoring facilities on high and fast roads, strengthen the means of control, unify the standardized control of fast and slow roads, integrate the operation with the municipal roads in the district, build a traffic information service platform and achieve the following functions.

one is A global display of the overall traffic conditions of the five horizontal and 13 vertical roads in the city.

the second is Graphical display of traffic flow in and out of Shenzhen at the former second lane gates and release of congestion factors.

thirdly Counting and displaying traffic volumes and road conditions on all roads entering and leaving the Eastern Area.

Fourthly. (b) External dissemination through media such as bait screens, mobile phones, websites and radio stations.

five. Installation of lane level induced demonstration sites on the Urban One Ring Road 3 induced demonstration road.

Sixth. Post parking induction information and admission times.

Focused breakthroughs to create a model security governance area

The comprehensive sensing and full collection of "people, vehicles, roads and environment" is the source of modern traffic technology management data application, and digital transportation is leading the new concept of urban transportation.

This time, using Guangming and other areas as a pilot By upgrading and improving the infrastructure and backend intelligent applications, the construction HD Electric Police (reverse electric policing, detection of overloading, ball parking violations, pedestrians running red lights, failure to yield to zebra crossings, etc.). HD bayonet (vehicle recognition, face recognition), the HD video Event Detection eagle's eye 4KS chain of command 3D map harmony Scene Overlay etc. Enabling real-time air-to-ground surveillance,构建 Shenzhen Traffic Police视频云, Enabling city-wide traffic status awareness The whole process supports the front-line police to standardize and efficiently enforce the law, effectively manage the hidden dangers of road traffic safety, and form a regional template for Shenzhen traffic intelligence enhancement project.

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Open sharing and building a unified application platform at the municipal level

Smart transportation is the foundation of the new smart city construction, and the two are inextricably linked.

从信息化建设的角度来看,按照《深圳市新型智慧城市顶层设计》总体架构设计, Shenzhen Traffic Police "Shenzhen Intelligent Transportation Phase I" Project是单体项目与总体规划之间有效衔接的重要实践,中电科及华为、海康等公司合作参与此项目,不仅能够全面提升我市的道路交通治理能力,而且更有利于在新型智慧城市“ Unified architecture, unified platform, unified data and unified standards "To form a city-wide integrated information technology construction pattern under Realize future video-aware resource sharing, video dedicated network reuse, video data sharing and other software and hardware resources reuse and sharing It will provide effective support for the construction of Shenzhen's new smart city and eventually realize the integrated planning, intensive construction and open sharing of the city's resources.

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Demonstration benchmarking, leading the construction of intelligent transportation in each district

Shenzhen Traffic Police以开放包容心态,集中电科、华为、深圳城市交通中心等联合开展《深圳市智慧交通建设顶层设计》,从全局的视角,描绘建设蓝图、设计总体框架、启动城市智慧交通建设,实现数据 harmony交通管理的深度融合,遵循“ Unified planning, unified standards, unified management "The idea of intensive construction, actively promote the orderly development of intelligent transportation planning and construction at the city and district levels, and promote the development of intelligent transportation from fragmentation to integration.

There are currently 26 ITS projects being planned in all districts, "Shenzhen Intelligent Transportation Phase I" Project建成后,将为全市树立样板工程,将有效引领全市智慧交通建设,规范市区两级建设标准 harmony范围,逐步实现一体化运作。

Accurately positioned, the project is built to carry forward and backward

The "Shenzhen Intelligent Transportation Phase I" project is not only a powerful measure to improve the infrastructure and upgrade the control means, but also a new starting point to advance the layout of the future intelligent transportation construction.

In order to guarantee the application of information technology for strong police and the operation needs of intelligent traffic big data system, while considering the real-time and efficient requirements of traffic big data processing, the OTN network is upgraded and expanded. First in the country to build a unified optical transmission network that can carry voice, data, video, storage and other data services The core bandwidth reaches 800G, providing a powerful neural network for the "Shenzhen Eye", which integrates air-ground vision and sensing. Ensure that subsequent iterations of the construction, the city's road traffic management is steadily upgraded from intelligent to intelligent transformation.

"Turning to technology for police power and effectiveness"

It's a philosophy that the Shenzhen Traffic Police has always adhered to

side of Adhere to the principle of rolling investment and iterative construction to create a traffic safety demonstration area and promote it to the city, laying the foundation for subsequent citywide intelligent transportation enhancement projects. on the other hand Through joint innovation with top domestic high-tech enterprises in Ultra-broadbandwidth traffic network, city-wide traffic flow sensing, artificial intelligence-assisted enforcement, improving the efficiency of big data crackdown and enhancing the travel experience of citizens 5 directions for exploration and practice, including实现交通数据的全覆盖、全关联、全开放 harmony全分析 It will continue to improve the level of urban traffic management in Shenzhen, making intelligent transportation more convenient for the people and making urban life better.

See here.

Have you been blown away by such smart transportation?

Is this the kind of traffic everyone is looking forward to?

I believe that in the near future

Shenzhen will become a world class smart transportation city

Shenzhen Traffic Police

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