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Japan builds intelligent 18-year-old robot girlfriend that can identify who the user is by face scanning

This "girlfriend" has artificial intelligence, but suddenly mentioned artificial intelligence, many people feel that this seems to be a little far from our lives, this kind of thing mostly in the film and television drama, in the technology museum or high-end places may see, and these things are more expensive, but very interesting, they can perform a variety of service work, and can carry out high-risk operations, to avoid a lot of human losses.

Ordinary robots have not been able to meet the life of people today, mechanical arm is the most common one, they just follow the program set in the repetitive operation, and more appear in the factory car parts manufacturing and so on, but this machinery is relatively single work, but also to meet the general work tasks, but also brought a large number of workers laid off problem, the beauty robot girlfriend of the crossover, the status of the girlfriend do not know whether it will be shaken

Because ordinary robots are rather rigid, so it is developed artificial intelligence, recently just in Japan, developed a simulation of a real-life beauty robot, and this robot gave set to 18 years old, so that people see after a kind of youthful atmosphere, and in the body structure above the effort, almost no difference with the real person, using the latest materials, so that people have a kind of false sense of reality.

In terms of body also in accordance with the extreme build, but also gave it, long hair and snow-white skin, so that many geeks have the urge, regardless of the appearance of the above, this robot can also do housework cooking, to meet the needs of personal life, while the artificial intelligence core background has a huge data, can accompany you to chat, take care of your emotions, but also equipped with face scanning technology, can identify who the user is, which makes it will not appear, others and your girlfriend chat embarrassing situation, so beautiful robot girlfriend, is bound to make a lot of people heart. There are still quite a few problems with the current AI, but I believe it will improve in the future

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