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Japan sets AI implementation plan to have more than 20 practical cases by 2022

GlobeNewswire reporter Wang Huan reported on June 27 that the Japanese government held a meeting on artificial intelligence (AI) technology strategy on June 26, finalizing an implementation plan to promote the spread of AI. The development of AI that can talk to humans will be promoted through the National Research and Development Corporation and others to promote the humanization of retail stores and others. In areas such as education and nursing care, Japan will also promote the introduction of AI, setting a target of more than 20 practical cases by fiscal 2022.

The newly developed AI will stock up on words, not mechanically answering you with pre-prepared terms, but random conversations. You will learn movements and behavior patterns, detect human expressions and movements through image sensors, read emotions, and naturally start a conversation.

It is envisaged to bring in retail stores and restaurants with labour shortages to replace employees to receive customers, etc. AI conversations now seem raw and are not yet commonplace in the hospitality scene. In the future, we aim to have AI take on some of the hospitality services and reduce the labor time of employees by more than 10%.

In education, AI analyzes big data such as student learning status and grades and selects the right material that fits each student's personality and abilities. Helps reduce the burden on middle and high school teachers.

The system to provide an at-a-glance view of port warehouse idleness through AI will be in place by 2020. It will shorten the time of entry and exit of goods and ease the congestion at the port. Research institutions and enterprise-owned big data formats in areas such as healthcare, nursing, agriculture, and disaster prevention are about to become universal in five years, and AI can aggregate data from multiple areas for analysis.

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