cool hit counter Japanese simulation of female robots, to fake, netizens: the gospel of millions of bachelors to come!_Intefrankly

Japanese simulation of female robots, to fake, netizens: the gospel of millions of bachelors to come!

Japanese simulation of female real robots, to fake, netizens: the gospel of millions of bachelors to come! Next, I'll tell you what's going on

With the development of the times, it can be said that the level of technology is now getting higher and higher. Some even say that the world could end because of the constant escalation of artificial intelligence. But this view is really unconvincing; AI is a human creation, and there are certainly ways for humans to be able to control it.

A large part of the advancement of technology nowadays is the desire to improve the standard of living of human beings. We all know that Japan is a country with a large number of otaku, and so many of them make Japanese companies see a huge market. Japan has been developing simulation robotics and has gained certain achievements in the field of simulation robotics, as far as China is concerned, it is still unable to compare with Japan in the field of simulation robotics.

The Japanese simulation of a female robot can be so realistic that if you don't look closely, you might think she's a real person. Not only that, the simulated female robot can even communicate with people in a simple way. Simulation of female robots not only the appearance is very realistic, but also the internal structure is very complex, some parts of the body are in accordance with the real proportion of human design, speaking of which I believe that many viewers in the heart of the newborn yearning, after all, it is not easy to marry a wife now. This could be a boon for all geeks nowadays, and in the near future, geeks may become less empty because of this female robot, as they can satisfy all their needs by just buying a simulated robot.

But this simulated robot is not cheap, it is rumored to be very expensive to build, at over $100,000. With such a large sum of money, I'm sure many geeks can only cry in secret at home. But the thought of a simulated female robot with so many features makes this price actually acceptable... Do you guys think this price is acceptable?

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