Jedi: The shortcomings behind the hottest FPS game, and plug-ins are just one of them

Jedi survival, is one of the hottest fps games in 2017, the original battle royale mode makes this game one of the top 10 in 2017 MMO charts, but behind that fire hides a shortcomings that cannot be ignored!

1 hang-ups, Jedi survival although as a battle royale type of game, but always fps type of game, as this type of game is the most taboo is hang-ups, however, due to the lack of technical experience of the blue hole company let the game of hang-ups flood, operating half a year long also did not effectively control the momentum of hang-ups, despite holding on the legs of Tencent, but the effect is not ideal, if the blue hole itself can not eradicate hang-ups, I am afraid that in more players will also change the game.

2 Servers, Blue Hole's servers, if there's one thing to describe them it's one word stuck! As a game to make players most disgusting is the delay, because the quality of the Blue Hole company's server is not very high, resulting in the mainland latency soaring, despite the help of third-party accelerators also often can not log on to the server, for players this is not spend money to find difficult, if the Blue Hole company can not solve this problem is afraid that the game content is no longer excellent can not keep the hearts of players.

3 game play, perhaps see this short board first glance, watchers may feel small again in the bullshit, indeed as the pinnacle of the battle royale mode representative of the work Jedi survival indeed conquered the Chinese players, but also with this, defeat also this, and then excellent play sooner or later there will be tired of the day, if the blue hole company can not seize the time to develop new play, I am afraid that once the heat goes down Jedi survival will also gradually fall!

Hopefully Jedi will correct these flaws and get better and better.

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