cool hit counter Jedi server crash actually makes players take the blame, 28 kill player accounts blocked for no reason!_Intefrankly

Jedi server crash actually makes players take the blame, 28 kill player accounts blocked for no reason!

Jedi survival this game many players in the opening before the random point target, as long as the plane on a very casual jump, a lot of people in the four row mode in a resource area can see the team is also difficult to more than 5 usually, if the player jumped too late or a little bit of a loss, they did not find weapons in the first time, and there are still people nearby, the normal is to immediately leave to save their lives, some good luck partners can also find a car or boat directly to other resource points, bad luck a landing was shot down is also normal, many 4 row teams normally do not fall in a lot of people, which will cause everyone a resource point search after the game players may be just 20 or 30 people.

Recently there is a player leading the whole field, 4 row 28 kill, this record is very shocking, and I said that there is really no hang this, did not expect is to play the game was officially sealed for detection, he is also unbelievable, some netizens normal idea is 28 kill no open hang basic impossible, either hang or fish pond bureau, are not supposed to appear in the normal game, but the player sunshine out their own record, caused a lot of small friends of the debate, most said the behavior of the blue hole do not understand.

The fact that this player is not hanging, it turns out that the server of Blue Hole crashed, many players' network delay, the number of people dropped in that game are more than half, this player just switched the link of the game, and netizens killed these dropped, and when they understood it was already a 28-kill record.

But it does make it hard to accept, because of the number of kills and blocked detection, this initiative is still a big objection, because even if this player kills 28 people, the team ranking is only 15, assuming that the open hang, this ranking is basically impossible, did not enter the top ten open hang are meaningless is not it? It's even normal to eat chicken. Most of the netizens are still trolling Blue Hole, and it really doesn't make much sense for internal reasons to directly affect players yet.

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