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Jingdong seat Mo became" tortoise"?

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The text documents the bugs encountered while buying the book from BOE, except for the title 2 which is a bit of an objective record.

What happened

2018.6.12 Purchased books via WeChat on the webpage provided by Jingdong

A public website advertised a new book, and I jumped through the QR code in the article and purchased the book from the JD store.

Pull down the screen and the microsoft shows. This page is provided by

2018.6.17 Not received after 5 days, call customer service

Jingdong usually arrives the next day, how come this time 5 days have passed and it hasn't arrived yet? So, looking at recent orders on PC, I was shocked to see that There is no such order!

A call was made to Jingdong customer service and the conversation went as follows.

  1. me : Describe the process and ask what happened to the order?
  2. customer service She can see the order. Let me look for it.
  3. me I made sure I couldn't see it. She taught me to click around, but I still couldn't find it.
  4. customer service She told me the book was on pre-order and wouldn't ship until the 20th
  5. me Just contact me when it ships on the 20th so I can receive the book.

2018.6.26 Call customer service again

9 days have passed without any feedback. So, call customer service again, when you call, you need to enter the last four digits of the order, enter the corresponding number, the voice automatically prompted: the order does not exist. Therefore, the historical order number was used to get through to the human customer service without any problem.

Note: This order number is present the first time you call customer service

Called customer service and the conversation went as follows.

  1. me : Elaborate on the process and ask: Why wasn't I given any feedback?
  2. customer service:Record display6.25 You were contacted by phone, But you're not connected.。->( me Checked the phone records., We did have it yesterday., but were me When harassing calls are rejected, up to6.25 size, Since the last time we played customer service The call has gone through.8 days)
  3. me You didn't report such a serious problem?
  4. customer service Other customers have had similar problems , our IT is already on it.
  5. me Then please do the refund for me.
  6. customer service : Processed and will be refunded to your WeChat account within 7 working days

Note: On the afternoon of 6.26th, I received a call from Jingdong customer service informing me that I have been refunded, please check. Very fast refunds!

The problems I feel

The whole process can be found at least the following problems, of course, this belongs to the personal one-sided BB, nothing really meaningful, is considered my product learning thinking.

  1. There are bugs in the program : The customer has paid, but can't see the order, which is considered a program bug. This is what technology often calls Data consistency issues This is reflected in the real world: the actual results do not match the expected results
  2. The after-sales mechanism is messy: I was told by customer service that it would be shipped on the 20th and that I would be informed when it was shipped, but I was not called until 6.25 (a bit long from the mental expectation of the user) and did not get through.
  3. Data inconsistency is not a problem : Customer service has indicated that others are experiencing this problem, indicating that some users are experiencing the issue. More than ten days have passed and the problem has not been resolved and the customer still cannot see his order. From my personal point of view, this counts Very serious The question.

Thinking in terms of Jingdong, if Jingdong considers the problem to be serious, it reflects the speed with which Jingdong deals with the problem, and the speed with which the product is iterated should prove the title of the tortoise two characters If Jingdong thinks it's not serious and can't cause any damage, at most a small number of customers BB, then Jingdong may not have eyes Customer Experience Not so important.

  1. There is a bug in the order/language system The first time I called customer service, I was able to get through to customer service through the last 4 digits of the order; the second time I called, the order number could not be found, which means that the status of the order had changed and the order could not be retrieved, resulting in the user having no way to seek help. If I was shopping at BOE for the first time, I guess I would be GG, there is no way to find a human customer service.

personal summary

  • headline Jingdong seat Mo became" tortoise"? It's not too much!
  • Many issues need specific scenarios to be exposed and testing is not possible to cover them completely. How problems are handled when they arise is a reflection of the current state of the team.
  • yard The bigger it is, the more problems arise after the handling of the situation is a reflection of the company's overall ability, the following is the previous record on the spit Tencent problems and the speed of people's handling.

Product thinking triggered by Tencent Cloud Data Drive Opinion monitoring and customer experience

  • Jingdong provides a very good shopping experience for customers with its logistics speed in first and second-tier cities, but the service is good and the after-sales service is also of paramount importance. This matter can be reflected that the various staff of BOE is very OK, but the after-sales or problem handling of special scenarios is really not complimentary.
  • What's interesting is that: one person, After growing up, Often a blend of hard and soft skills, attain1+1>2 effects; A company, After growing and developing, But maybe a little" obese"," extremity" incongruity, There's always a place where the chain tends to fall off, The only way to keep " exercise、 conclude、 raise" That's how you build muscle.。

The above is a bit of a product learning note from a coder.

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