Jinyuanquan Technology was awarded the "2018 China Top 1000 Enterprise Innovation Capability"!

Fujian Jinyuanquan Technology Development Co., Ltd. was awarded the "2018 China Top 1000 Enterprise Innovation Capability"!

The 2018 China Enterprise Innovation Capacity 100 Million Ranking is jointly created by the "Big Macro-Innovation Group", which consists of experts and professors from the School of Economics of Renmin University of China, Central University of Finance and Economics and Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

The list is open to all Chinese Innovation capacity of high-tech enterprises It is the largest and most up-to-date ranking of the innovation capability of enterprises in China.

The 100 Million Ranking of Chinese Enterprises' Innovation Capabilities has four features.

First, the coverage is extensive, achieving full coverage of all high-tech enterprises in China.

Second, the evaluation indicators are rich, including not only the number of patents and patent quality indicators, but also indicators such as innovation value diffusion and innovation network promotion.

Third, the concept is novel, using a number of digital technologies such as big data and web crawlers to accurately extract information on indicators such as trademarks and web buzz.

Fourth, the basic data is detailed and reliable. The ranking relies on the China Enterprise Innovation Capability Database, which has the support of basic data with complete information and reliable quality.

In 2017, the subject group released the list to the public for the first time, which received wide attention and high recognition from the community.

Fujian Jinyuanquan Technology Development Co., Ltd. has been ranked in the list of top 1000 national enterprises in terms of innovation capability as one of the top 27 enterprises in Fujian Province and top 4 enterprises in Fuzhou City.

In recent years, the Fujian Jinyuanquan Technology Development Co. quilt Provincial Ministry of Science and Technology Recommended as Fujian Province innovation method promotion and application and demonstration units, patent navigation pilot enterprises, in many innovation tend to develop policy call to promote, increase investment in research and development, enhance innovation capacity, create high-value patents, drive the whole company to take off.

There have been joint domestic and international expert groups for in-depth technical cooperation.

The company has been focusing on research and development of products for health industry applications such as antioxidant technology, water treatment technology, and far-infrared light wave technology.

Meanwhile, national invention patents have been applied for 586 pieces which authorizes 349 pieces

Our company will never stop on the road of innovation.Always practice the concept of "technology makes life healthier, innovation makes life better". The company's products are designed to benefit more consumers with more good products.

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