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June 4 Candy Airdrop

The number of things chain LDBC: simple registration to send 100 pieces, invite up to send 368 LDBC (the second wave began) the number of things chain (LDBC) joint domestic and foreign famous logistics enterprise research and development, hope that the new one stands in the month of the blockchain, the blockchain in the CaiBird network, 2018 the most potential blockchain field candy handout in. Sign up and get free, invite and get 10 million worth of cash to share. The highest each invite a person can get 388 LDBC must be bound to their future wallet address please add telegram group or QQ group:212613617, audit issued

...Exclusive registration link:

Telegraph group: Wallet Download


First wave jacked over 8k coins, how about you? Don't miss it this time!

Coin Ask: a content platform for blockchain learning and knowledge cashing, where users are automatically rewarded with YOYOW tokens for quality Q&A. Click to sign up to split 2,500,000 YOYO!!!

The project introduction and solution: GTC Bao Erji sent microblogging recommended project, top-level domain, send the coin has been on line firecoin, OK, biter and other mainstream exchanges, big hair speed jerk!

Must be filled in Invitation code: ycj0229 and tied to a mobile phone number to have5GTC

GTC coins are almost finished, so if you don't have a mobile phone, do it now!

Invitation code: ycj0229


1.Value: from 26.6¥

2.Pick up at.

...Collection process.

(1) Fill in the ETH wallet address.

(2) Send the verification code to the telegraph group bot @myeos_bot in a private chat. (20eosDAC obtained)

(3) Complete the invitation task to get more eosDAC

opeT, 5 airdrops, $300 value

Event address:

1. Complete Twitter and Reddit tasks

2. Submit Twitter username, Reddit username, and ethereal wallet address

Veiris, airdrop 1 equity

Event address:

1. Join the telegram @veirisofficial and @veirisnews

2. Enter email address, telegram username, and Ethernet wallet address

Project name logistics chain

Project description: Logistics Chain is the world's first blockchain project with clear value, a super unicorn in the courier industry. Chinese projects that have a chance to land and see the team okay.

Candy Eating Steps.

Enter your ethereum address to get the verification code

2.Join the telegraph group by entering the verification code

Name of [candy: Origin Chain ORS x ?

A feast of sweets, millions of ORS are waiting for you on a first-come, first-served basis

-Enter email to receive verification code to register

-Daily tasks can be completed (join telegraph groups/follow tweets, etc.)

Airdrop Candy Project Name: Coin Ho Trading Platform

Airdrop candy event address (mobile copy browser to open):

Project description and solution: coinho, send 1000 FTC display value of $150, no photo ID upload. Sign up for real names in seconds.

Name of [candy]: NAVI x 25

The bot conversation process is simple and brutal.

-Join the Telegraph Group

-Click on "Human test" to fill in the image verification

-Click on "ETH wallet" to fill in the wallet address

】(YGO Game King YGO Pickup) YGO Token = Platform Coin + Wallet Coin + Blockchain Game Circulation Coin (Crowdfunding Price One 0.023USD) Total Issue 500 Million Circulation 225 Million, Sign Up for Free

300, invite a friend and get 100 free, more invites, more free! 100 bonus coins for copying the captcha into the official group! Wallet transfer feature is live! (Limited quantity, first come first served, first served) Hurry up!

Get in! Sign up for the link:

The] EOS Super Node campaign, the main network is live, success or failure is on the line! We don't want to be reduced to air, and we need your support! Sign up for 2880

Sign up for.EOS Super Node Campaign, The main website is now online, It's a fight to the death.! We don't want to be reduced to air., We need your support.! Free candy for you! The operation will be completed and the money will be available.!

Sign up for.

1、HTC is going back to glory with 5G Wang Xuehong HTC is looking into blockchain too
2、US ATMs targeted by hackers Autospitting frequent
3、Tencent Medical AI Lab debuts paramedic technology to assess Parkinsons disease in just 3 minutes
4、You have an invitation to the indepth study session of Zhiliangzhi Yongquan Academy and the opening ceremony of Zhiliangzhi Siheyuan Education Base

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