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June 5 Ripple and university join forces on blockchain research

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China's central bank: to effectively prevent and control risks in the Internet sector

The Central Bank of China said in an article today that it should closely focus on the three tasks of fighting the "three major battles" and "serving the real economy, preventing and controlling financial risks, and deepening financial reform", accurately grasp the dialectical relationship between the development and application of information technology in the financial industry and the prevention and control of financial risks and the protection of financial security, coordinate and supervise the important infrastructure of the financial industry, move forward to prevent and control risks in the field of Internet finance effectively.

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Chen Jining: using blockchain and other technological tools to promote financial security

According to the Economic Daily, the "2018 Financial Street Forum Annual Meeting" held recently in Beijing, Beijing Mayor Chen Jining said the development of big data, blockchain and other information technology also provides a richer means of financial regulation and financial services, and the next step will be to make full use of the financial advantages of Beijing's Financial Street and the technological advantages of Zhongguancun to innovate financial services, professional services and promote financial security.

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He Dexu: Using blockchain and other technologies to increase financial innovation

At the recently held China Financial Innovation Forum, when faced with the question of how to stamp out the high-quality development of finance, He Dexu, president of the Institute of Financial Strategy of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said that increasing financial innovation may be one of the grasping hands, the People's Political Consultative Daily reported on June 5. He believes that the way financial services should be innovative is to use modern science, including technological means such as big data, cloud computing, blockchain, and even artificial intelligence, and to apply these new technologies to the process of financial services for the real economy, so as to greatly improve the efficiency and level of financial services for the real economy.

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Guizhou Daily: taking the lead in promoting blockchain development

On June 5, the Guizhou Provincial Social Science Academy Base of the Research Center of Socialism Theory System with Chinese Characteristics published an article in the Guizhou Daily, "Adhering to the Innovation Drive to Promote the Construction of National Big Data (Guizhou) Comprehensive Pilot Zone", which proposed to take the lead in promoting the development of "block chain".

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Ripple unveils plan to give $50 million to 17 universities around the world

According to ripple insights 4, Ripple announced a $50 million donation to 17 universities around the world for the University Blockchain Research Initiative (UBRI), for which Ripple will provide technical support, sending experts and universities to work together on research blockchain research and courses on cryptocurrencies.

Chain News

US research firm EVC: Blockchain will revolutionize buying and selling

Crawford Del Prete, EVC of the US research firm IDC, spoke at the World Digital Summit hosted by the Japan Economic News Agency and the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications on June 5, stating that "blockchain will revolutionize buying and selling" and predicting that "by 2027, its tamper-evident nature will be widely used in fine jewelry stores, as well as in the food and medical fields, among others." He also said that blockchain, along with artificial intelligence, and cloud technology will be brought to life in commerce and that the digital changes led by it will affect society as a whole. He added: "Sixty per cent of the community has just reacted to this change. More than half of the business is now getting more efficient, and after this, digital will be more widely used in the customer experience as well as in gathering information. "

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