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JuniorSummerCamp for 4-6 year olds junior coders

Enlightens young children ages 4-6 about programming and develops logical thinking skills. Learn to use commands to control smart hardware and cognitive software to create their first programming project through Cubetto Robotics Starter Camp and ScratchJr Story Character Creation Camp, simple and highly interactive programming toys and software.

This summer camp engages young creators to learn about computer science and logical thinking. Using screenless coding interface likeCubettoand beginner-friendly software like iPad-basedScratchJr,students begin to understand how hardware and software works to create their very first coding projects.

Cubetto Robotics Starter Camp

Starting from scratch. The company immerses children in the world of technology, developing hands-on skills, logical thinking and problem-solving skills through cutting-edge educational aids. Develop creativity and practice communication and coordination skills by working in teams to operate programming toys.

Suitable for: 4-6 years old beginners

Course duration: 5 days

Course take-aways:

In this camp, students will learn the basics of Cubetto's coding. Cubetto Playset is a Montessori Method programming toy that inspires children ages 4 to 6 to learn programming language through touch by controlling wooden robots with screenless programming.

Students will learn basic coding concepts, such as events and sequencing, which will help continue with other beginning courses. Students will also develop problem solving and logical thinking skills by engaging in fun and exciting classroom activities.

Let the kids dive into the world of coding through cutting-edge educational tools and to develop logical thinking through problem solving. Using tools with screenless coding interface, students further develop creativity and communication skills through collaborative projects.

Difficulty4- 6 beginners

Program structure5 days Camp


In this camp, students will learn coding fundamentals with Cubetto. The Cubetto Playset is a Montessori inspired coding toy that allows children ages 3 to 6 to program a friendly wooden robot without screen and is powered by a programming language you can touch.

This camp is designed to equip students with basic understanding of Cubetto and programming. Students will learn fundamental coding concepts such as event and sequence, which will be helpful for continuing to other junior courses. Student will also develop problem solving and logical thinking skills through participating in fun and exciting class activities.

ScratchJr Story Character Creation Camp

Introducing basic programming thinking to young but highly imaginative children, learn to create their own animations and games by visually dragging and dropping blocks from the MIT-developed block programming language via a tablet.

Start with basic computer commands, including creating and moving characters to create your own stories and games, and then think about the logic behind them, while learning about continuity, loops, conditional settings, and other programming thinking as you practice. Students are encouraged to bring their imagination to life with technology.

Suitable for: 5-6 years old beginners

Course duration: 5 days

Course take-aways:

Build characters and animations with ScratchJr

Learn programming ideas with stories

Familiarize yourself with the ScratchJr interface and create your first programming work

Hands-on: design and program ScratchJr creations, have learned to create and move character scripts

Create character campaigns and story interactions

Recognize programming actions, such as speed settings and distance design

Learning activity definition, time setting and wait control

Familiarity with ScratchJr character, background and costume design

Hands-on: designing and programming games to learn about speed and interaction in ScratchJr

Test and complete programming piece upgrades

Familiarize yourself with the logic and basic concepts of arithmetic thinking by completing your own programming projects

Learn how to plan, execute, test, share and get feedback to upgrade your programming work

Practice: give back by leading and creating your own work and sharing it

Using a visual interface designed for young learners, ScratchJr is the latest iPad-based application developed in collaboration with MIT Media Labs. Through intuitive drag-and-drop coding blocks, students are introduced to the foundations of programming through creating simple games and animations. Through experimenting with code using fun and engaging characters and designs, students develop an understanding of logical thinking and basic computer science concepts.

Difficulty5-6 beginners

Program structure5 days Camp


Introduction to Create Sprites and Animation using Scratchjr

Introduction to storytelling and creative programming

Familiarizing with the Scratchjr interface and creating first projects

Hands-on: designing and programming Scratchjr projects to learn movement

Create Movement of sprites and make it interactive

Introduction to set up speeds and distances

Introduction of movement, time setting and waiting control

Familiarizing with Scratchjr sprites, costumes, sounds and backdrops

Hands-on: designing and programming Scratchjr games to learn speed and interaction

Tangible and Portfolio Outcomes

Reviewing the computational thinking concepts learned in this course

Learning to plan, implement, test, feedback and present Scratchjr projects

Hands-on: designing and programming two Scratchjr games and demo to the class

Different thematic camps correspond to core skill development

Core Skill Set

Kick off your programming journey with FCA this summer! Follow an international teaching and research team led by MIT-certified instructors to develop logical thinking and problem-solving skills through a project-based curriculum.

【Discount Terms】Sign up before May 18 (inclusive) and get 250 RMB off, 200 RMB off per person on top of that for a two-week course, another 800 RMB off.

Summer Camp 2018 Instructional Locations

Shanghai region

(Puxi) Naked Heart Society, 35 Loushanguan Road, Changning District, Shanghai

(Pudong) Naked Heart Club, 2/F, Building 2, Century Metropolis, 1229 Century Avenue, Pudong New Area, Shanghai

Shenzhen area

Nanshan International School, 11 Long Yuen Road

14/F, New Times Plaza, 1 Prince Road, Shekou, Nanshan District

Classes start on June 18 in Shanghai and June 19 in Shenzhen. Join us with an iPad and a curious brain!

Jumpstart your kid’s coding journey with First Code Academy this summer with our coding camps!

Develop an analytical mind by creatively solving problems in our project-based courses led by MIT Master Trainers and teaching team.

Earlybird - Register before May 18th to receive RMB250 off

Friend Referral - Refer a friend and both you and your friend can get RMB200 off

Bundle Offer - Register for 2 camps and get RMB800 off

*All promotions can be combined



[Puxi] Naked hub, NO. 35, Loushanguan Road, Changning District, Shanghai

[Pudong] Naked Hub, Century Metropolis, No. 1229 Century Avenue


International School of Nanshan Shenzhen - 11 Longyuan Road, TaoYuan Sub-District, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, P.R. China 518055

14F, Times Plaza, Shekou Taizi Road No. 1, Nanshan District,

Camps starts on June 18 in Shanghai while June 19 in Shenzhen.

Want to bring:

Students should bring along his / her personal email account with password (required);

An iPad and a mindset to create and experiment!

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