Just now! Honor 10 starts the AI photography revolution! Is the dual front and rear 24 million AI camera actually that powerful?

As soon as we mention the Honor 10, we have to bring up its main selling point this time, the AI photography revolution! Today's launch was also an eye-opener for me, as photography can be so "simple" ~

Honor 10 is powered by Kirin 970 chip which is way ahead of the rest of the brands when it comes to AI performance! We can clearly see through the Lu Master AI performance ranking that compared to the latest flagships of other mobile brands, they are all significantly weaker than the Honor 10 in terms of AI performance.

As an AI 2.0 phone, how exactly does it start the AI photography revolution?

First of all, the Honor 10 is very good at portrait edge processing, the video on the right is taken by the phone with Snapdragon 845 chip, the video on the left is taken by the Honor 10 Kirin 970, we can clearly see that the AI 2.0 Honor 10 is able to recognize dynamic images more accurately, the finger is almost complete, clear movement and no white shadows during the process of switching backgrounds.

The Honor 10 rear camera features a 24MP + 16MP dual lens with dual F1.8 large apertures and faster dual-core phase focusing capabilities.

AI photography can split the frame of a scene, separating out people, horses, grass, and sky, and automatically AI optimizes it for each type of scene.

For portraits, the Honor 10's AI photography is able to optimize photo composition automatically based on the photographer's composition skills when shooting portrait close-ups, in addition to accurate background bokeh and natural beauty.

Arguably the most absorbing feature is that the Honor 10 comes with the industry's highest-spec 24-megapixel front-facing lens, a light-enhancing lens that has excellent light-sensitive performance and is arguably very sharp for selfies in both day and night!

Its AI selfie, after separating the person and scene, goes on to identify the hair and face, applying different optimization strategies for the hair and face to ensure a healthy, rosy complexion while maintaining the clarity of the hair, very powerful to say the least!

For this AI 2.0 Honor 10, besides bringing a revolutionary experience to photography, it also brings new optimizations to many commonly used phone features! For example, Honor 10's AI intelligent scene classification function, based on image content recognition technology, automatically categorizes different scene photos in the album and puts them in different folders, such as food and landscape, making it easy to manage and find photos.

For AI phone 2.0 Honor 10, it will bring a new intelligent life experience to the little ones: support independent NPU AI chip, HiAI application ecology, 24 million AI photography, 24 million AI selfie, AI smart album ~.

This Honor 10 that's revolutionizing AI photography is hitting the fairies right in the heart! Are you moved by the power and effectiveness of the features?

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