Ke Jie returns to Kun, says "Yunnan is my second home", no plans to play AI again

The one who's a smooth talker.

Hilarious and playful segment player

Ke Jie is back in Yunnan!

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He's the best Go player in the world today

8 January.

31st National Amateur Weiqi Championship

Continuing in Colorful Yunnan - Ancient Yunnan City

Ke Jie appeared at the Go Forum, which was held that morning

He also shared his understanding of Go with the audience.

Ke Jie's good results in the past few years cannot be separated from the support of the Yunnan team

Ke Jie just won last weekend2017 China Top Ten Laureus Award for Best Non-Olympic Athlete of the Year, After that, we went to Kunming without stopping., because of 31st National Amateur Weiqi Championship root for。

“ Go has always been perceived as a high mountain project, With the high profile of AI vs. humans in recent years, and the rise of a large number of young players, Bringing more attention to Go than ever before。” Appearing at the forum in formal attire Kojak said. "Go players can be very egotistical in the field of Go, but they have to be responsible in the community, and I want to participate in any event that has to do with promoting Go, with the aim of getting more people's to enjoy it."

Ko Jie, who has a busy schedule, is in Kun, are 31st National Amateur Weiqi Championship root for。 Shi Yue, Zhou Ruiyang, Tang Weixing and other top professional players in China have all honed their skills in the National Amateur Weiqi Championship before becoming famous, but Ke Jie is an exception "I'm a little younger in age to set the stage, so I didn't have the opportunity to participate in this historic competition." Kojak said.

Amateur players participating in this tournament would have had the opportunity to play Ke Jie in the subsequent big professional-amateur match session, however, due to Ke Jie's personal schedule, this session was cancelled.

Ke Jie was well known long before his match against artificial intelligence last year, but what few people know is that the current top professional player in the world actually has a deep connection to Yunnan.

"I'm very connected to Yunnan, I became a member of the Yunnan Go team after turning professional in 2008 and have represented Yunnan for the past 10 years. The good results I have achieved over the years cannot be separated from the support of the Yunnan team. "I've been to Yunnan many times and it's my second home," said Ko Jie, 20. "

Ke Jie I'm not the most talented player, but I really love Go

Ke Jie revealed at the forum that his outstanding performance in the world of Go in recent years has a lot to do with his more-than-usual aggressiveness. "In my world of Go, there is nothing but winning and losing, and as a professional I want to win and play all my games to the best of my ability, which is the greatest respect I can give to my opponent." Kojak said. "I'm not the most gifted player, but I really love Go and can experience a great deal of joy in playing it. Luckily, while Go brings me joy, it also allows me to prove myself and prove that I am better at Go than others. "

After the end of the wheel war with artificial intelligence early last year, Ke Jie had said that he was hanging a high card on this, but at the end of last year there was news that he would play in the 2018 World AI Go Championship, to which Ke Jie said at the Go Forum on the 8th. "I have no plans to fight the AI for now. Last year it was with the mindset of winning a game against the AI, and even if we play the AI again after that, it will only be with the mindset of giving back to the fans and the community on the field. " Kojak said.

After the forum, Ke Jie chose to spend the afternoon rafting Dianchi, watching the beauty of Dianchi and playing with seagulls. "I've been to Yunnan so many times, but I've never been to Dianchi, so I must have a good look this time."

(Source: Yunnan Information News, by Pu Yan)

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