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Key words, how much do you know

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It's been a while since I wrote a post

There are many factors

And I don't want to go into all the details

Suddenly no feelings tonight

Thought I'd comb through a few keyword insights

They are: complexity, future, power, thinking, artificial intelligence, state, school

First keyword: complex

In my perception of China

There are three kinds of things in the world

A very simple thing.

Like building a car. It's complicated, isn't it?

But because as long as the drawings are produced according to

Highly deterministic

It's easier too.

The second one is a complicated affair

Like building a rocket. It's complicated, right?

The systems must work together with precision

No room for error.

The third super-complicated thing

Like raising children. It's complicated, isn't it?

And this

The more complicated it is

The greater the need for people with dignity and freedom

And behind man's increasing freedom to progress

is the result of increasingly complex collaborative relationships between people in modern society

Second keyword: future

For the future

We must have an ability to

Just keep throwing away energy

Starting from zero

Constantly creating a new stage of life

Because in the world of the future

There is no one fixed form

All states are constantly forming

Constant upgrades

This is the future norm.

Third keyword: power

The Internet makes information power

And this effect is still in the process of being amplified

This emerging


Everyone's got it.

The power to do great harm to others at any time

Humanity to the present

Haven't figured out a better way to deal with it

Most people have power

Living in power, too.

This power is like a situation

When words are abused

The destructive power of the flood beast swept in with it

People make rules and laws.

When rights are being abused in

The immeasurable danger is not far away.

People desire and need to have freedom of speech

But can't get rid of the power coming

The more power you have, the more responsibility you have

Fourth keyword: thinking

What is thinking?

The definitions are many and boil down to

It is nothing more than the development of these areas of competence.

Can define, analyse concepts

Will analyze the structure of the argument

Ability to spot the premise assumptions implicit in an argument

Able to avoid logical errors

Can judge the credibility of information

Ability to take into account different possibilities

Can persuade others with rigorous arguments

But there's always one kind of person

After learning a function or knowledge

Just use it as common sense to criticize those who don't have this function or knowledge

Aren't such people pathetic?

Should have gone for more.

But satisfied by a moment of diligence

The fifth keyword: artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a pseudo-proposition

As to whether it stands or not

It can only be judged by the self of the moment

this era

seem as if

Improving overall quality

Improving cultural and aesthetic skills

Having a creative mind

It's a kind of education in the age of artificial intelligence

Education nowadays is trying to guide us to strive for the top

Striving to be ahead of the times

This does not seem to be a problem either

But at least for now, it's not going to catch the wave of

There's no need to be discouraged, is there?

Artificial intelligence to put it bluntly

It's about creating wealth by eliminating a lot of jobs

This wealth is gathered in a part of the population

But they also need to spend that wealth.

No matter how times change

Today, in the future

The division of labor is always inevitable

The ever-present comparative advantage

Practice your craft.

Doing what you're good at will always have someone in need of you

From this point of view

You can create the wealth created by artificial intelligence

Sixth keyword: countries

For the State

It's awe-inspiring.

And the excitement inside

Recurring, regular elements like systems, costs, and strategies

It's all a special case.

It may always be worth thinking about

And it never ends.

Possession is far from possession.

Sometimes the more you have, the less you have.

Having it is already considered a better level

it seems today

The higher level of savvy is for my use

A symbiotic relationship formed

A community of interest

It can't be split up.

Seventh keyword: school

The core of school is not about providing knowledge

And it is in the provision of external restraint and coercion

Peer-to-peer learning

It's also a form of otherness

It's just a matter of human pride.

This function of the school

There is no proven alternative

Helping people overcome the fundamentals of human nature

Or maybe it's the school's core competency

in the present

Whether you're a genius

Just a regular guy.

Maybe a little more intelligent and capable.

or so

The key to determining the success of your career is

Are you persistent in a certain area

be able to do

Your chances of success are much greater than average

Everything is cracked.

That's where the light comes in.


You know what you are.

Not sure to start asking yourself

Who am I?

Don't take yourself for granted.

There's a saying.

When I'm good enough

It's how I met you.

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