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Kia offers up black technology to go beyond driverless, NiroEV coming to CES!

Korean cars are commonly consumed at the grassroots level, but to be among the top 5 in the world shows that the strength is not ordinary. And with the mega trend of the smart age and new energy, Kia has made a big move, recently releasing the official teaser image of the Niro EV, which will be unveiled at CES.

Being an electric version of the Kia, the styling doesn't stay the same as the Niro (Polaris). Designed with L-shaped daytime lights and Y-shaped fog lights, the centre grille has a lighting effect to give a smart look.

The lighting design on the back bears some resemblance to the front, while at the bottom there are Niro Ev characters to highlight its unique identity.

Referring to the Niro's dimensions, the 4.3m long wheelbase of 2.7m positions it as a compact SUV. And in production the Niro Ev will be available in standard and long range versions with 39.2kWh and 64.2kWh capacity batteries with ranges of up to 390km and 500km.

And according to the foreign media, the new car will be matched with the most advanced human-machine exchange features, presenting a different driving experience by the age of the driver, assistive driver technology, providing 5G data connectivity and more, more advanced than the modern driverless!

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