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Kids aged 7-15 don't understand this and are basically out of the loop

British author Cy Johnson said, " Words are the trappings of thought ". A person's thoughts are expressed through his words, and conversely, the language a person possesses has an extremely important influence on the formation of his thoughts.

Little Orange Programming Course

If language is the most important tool of human communication and means of communication, then Chinese characters ( human language ) and programming ( AI language ) are undoubtedly the two most essential languages in today's society.

Understanding the origin and development of Chinese characters allows every Chinese person to understand "where we come from" and how our thinking and national spirit emerged from the humanistic language, so that we can better know "where we are going in the future"; learning programming is a bridge and link for us to embrace the future technological era and exchange thoughts with the unknown AI world. Kanji and programming lead us to travel through the past and connect to the future from different dimensions.

To this end, Little Orange Education will launch a series of programming enlightenment courses one after another - Combining animation with AI language, mind mapping, and technology , make your own game applet with Scratch programming. Introduce your child to the programming language at the same time. Experience-based, training-based, innovative learning process of "story-rules-statement-work", where you can practice and tell the story of programming with modern technology.

Why you should let your child learn programming

Programming should be taught at the same time as the ABC alphabet and colors, and all people should learn how to program much earlier.

-President of the United States Barack Obama

Everyone should learn a computer language because it will teach you how to think.

-Apple founder Steve Jobs

Since the technological revolution of the 21st century, there has been an endless stream of "black technologies" that are changing our lives. From sweeping payments to alpha dogs, behind every cognitively disruptive new technology is an information technology frenzy

It is foreseeable that in the future society, various industries will also need not only software professionals, but industry professionals with programming skills. Getting your children to learn programming early on will better equip them for the technological society of the future and equip them to be more competitive in the future.

What is Scratch?

Scratch, a simple programming tool for teenagers designed and developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). It is A programming software for visual block building , which provides a graphical programming environment.

As a graphical editing software for children, students can not only master basic programming concepts and improve their thinking skills through Scratch as a learning tool, but they can also better understand and master various subjects such as English, mathematics, logical thinking, engineering management and other courses, which can be a great improvement for children's development in all aspects.

The Little Orange Programming Program, using the Scratch language, brings programming into the world of children.

About Little Orange Education

All courses of Little Orange Education are developed under the guidance of well-known experts and professors from various universities such as Zhejiang University, Zhejiang Normal University, Zhejiang Artificial Intelligence Association and top coaches of Information Olympiad, with tiered teaching, the most widely used international advanced Scratch programming learning platform for lower grades, and multi-layered curriculum solutions such as Python programming, Smart Node, C++ Information Olympiad for upper grades students, currently with campuses in Hangzhou, Wenzhou and many other cities, with the help of scientific education concepts, strong R&D and faculty, and professional technology education capabilities, so that Chinese youth can master the necessary programming skills in the era of artificial intelligence and achieve a different future!

Course System

Artificial intelligence thinking benefits from a lifetime of inspiration at an early age


Course Description

Upon completion of this course, students should have knowledge of the following.

Understand the concept of programming, the use of scratch graphical software, and the basic operation and usage of building blocks

Master basic block applications and learn simple thinking logic with corresponding blocks

Acquire math and computer knowledge related to programming and learn the logic of harder thinking with the corresponding blocks


Suitable for

Participants aged 7 to 15

Children with no programming skills and little computer exposure can easily learn



Classes are held on a classroom one-to-many basis (maximum of 12 students per class). Sign up and be guided by a professional instructor.

Scan the QR code to book an experience class now

Wenzhou Campus: Room 107, Building 1, Xialupu Jingyuan, Lucheng District, Wenzhou (next to Fortune Center)

Longwan Campus: 4F09, Wanda Plaza, Longwan District, Wenzhou (formerly 4F of Wanda Department Store)

Oubei Campus: No. 20, Innovation Road, Oubei, Yongjia County (Qinfen Shuyuan)

Shaoxing Campus: 4F, No. 299 Shengli West Road, Yuecheng District

Huzhou Campus: No.61 Huafu Road, Nanxun District, Huzhou

Hangzhou Campus: 8E Weixing Building, Wensan Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou

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