cool hit counter King's glory Angela girl hacker skin optimization completed, the first color-changing skin, 7 forms ready to cut_Intefrankly

King's glory Angela girl hacker skin optimization completed, the first color-changing skin, 7 forms ready to cut

The current Angela is also only two skins, one is a 288 point volume in the sale of skin, the other is a limited skin, the skin is also currently no sign of return, the past return of the vote is not very high votes, like Angela's partners must also be very like the magic of the little cook this skin, this is a limited skin, to return to the field very difficult.

Previously, Cindy also had a new skin for Angela revealed to you, which was debugged in the experience service under the name: Maiden Hacker. Arthur is also appearing as a skin of the same type, and the two will be available as CP skins.

Dynamic picture display

The current teenage hacker although not online experience service, but unknowingly made adjustments, this official is also optimized teenage hacker, I have to say that this colorful skin is really dazzling, let people feel with a walking light, but this skin is highlighted by the place this is here, this optimization of the teenage hacker became the first hundred changes in the skin, in the appearance animation you should be able to see, two mechanical sense of the hair in constant change of color, out of the time change too fast inevitably do not see.

Color display

After optimization the skin of the teenage hacker is 7 colors switching at any time, mainly or two hair constantly changing color, but I wonder what else is more special about this skin.

For Angela this skin is also more expected, has been optimized, I believe that soon will be presented, as for Arthur's skin is still in the design, may be two skins will be online together, Angela, Arthur two CP skin will be limited as Valentine's Day may also say oh!

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