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"Kirin 970" has an extra NPU chip, but Huawei is blowing it up!

Huawei's Kirin 970 processor has been out for some time, many users obviously feel that the performance improvement is not obvious, and the official explanation is the inclusion of the NPU chip, the main artificial intelligence, claimed that the user use scenarios to bring a leap of experience.

The so-called NPU chip translates to neural network processor, which sounds difficult to understand, and the official explanation is: "neural network" consists of many "neurons", these "neurons" can receive input signals, and then through the network and then propagate the signal outward, depending on the strength of the input and its own threshold.

Anyway it's complicated, all you need to know is that the biggest difference between the Kirin 970 processor and others is the inclusion of the NPU, which is said to improve efficiency, process all kinds of data in real time, and is generally used in flagship phones with features such as low power consumption and strong computing power.

In short, artificial intelligence is only in its infancy, like a toddler, and still needs to be gradually nurtured by a technology-based company like Huawei, the current state of affairs is not much for consumers, but it is certain that the future is unlimited, that is only the future, now and not as obvious as Huawei's claims of improvement.

Finally, I think that even if we can understand NPUs, consumers may not accept them, and the market may not appear rational as a result.

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