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Kudos, Baidu needs to take up the banner of developing sci-fi trucks

This article was first published in WeChat Public Bai City Trucks

I always have a feeling that now to a certain breaking point of technology, across this threshold, technology into the new time up, that is a kind of every industry at the same time the state of the explosion, I do not know if the truckers in the freight industry can think of our future state, today we come together to think about, no matter how to say it, we blindly together, think that the wrong please light spray!

The future of trucks, smart and safe must be the mainstream of the transportation industry. One of the problems with the restrictions seems to me to be something that will surely be well solved by the time AI reaches new heights and thousands of truckers will be clapping their hands.

It is rumored that a system has been invented over in Europe and the United States, which can share information between vehicles and vehicles, while the information of each vehicle whether it is a family car or a lorry is uploaded to the brain, while the brain that stores data can be assigned to each vehicle connected to that brain, and the system will be able to solve more and more problems as it is upgraded. The current system is only an initial version and addresses the problem of alerting the vehicle behind the vehicle in front of it when some situation arises, so that the driver behind it is alerted to a possible upcoming situation.

This primary version does not yet have many features, but with this one, it has a significant effect on reducing the number of accidents each year. And with the upgrade of this system, the starting point of each vehicle, the end point is memorized by this system, the route is directly planned intact, while what speed should be used, give how to avoid, throughout, the system has a guide for each vehicle, solve the restrictions SO easy. Isn't this actually talking about the beginnings of smart cities and smart transportation? In this regard it is still up to our Internet giant Baidu to carry the flag of this confrontation ah! After all, it is recognized that Baidu is the most technically oriented.

With the release of a number of trucks with a sci-fi vibe, we've noticed that most of the vehicles produced by the manufacturer are without the (rear) ear(s) (mirrors) on either side, this is where the mirrors are replaced by body cameras that transmit the illuminated images to the center console screen in the cab, which ultimately functions as a rearview mirror. Slightly unfortunately, the technology is only present in a part of the domestic car, but whether it is imported, or domestic is unknown for the time being, the domestic truck has not seen the shadow yet? For the elimination of the rearview mirror, some media evaluation can play a certain role in energy saving, for this statement I agree with the attitude, perhaps not much energy saving, but the mosquito even if it is small, the meat still has a sliver.

The most important driverless also slowly appeared in the family cars and trucks, the current driverless has reached the L4 level, China's leader in the driverless Baidu according to media reports is currently located in this level, and the United States of Google and other giants in the first class. For Baidu point a praise first, after all, is the family business, leading our country's future technology enterprises Baidu must contribute their share of power, with honor.

Surely the trucks of the future will have more than these features, and the ideal outcome would be drivers driving as followers to assist in driving and reduce driver strain, which is probably the life truckers want! Looking forward to it.

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