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LG G7 release date finalized for May 2, renders revealed! Initial review: LG still an afterthought

According to the latest official release from LG, its latest flagship phone, the G7, will be launched in New York on May 2.

Renderings of the LG7

Unlike before, this time the LG G7 isn't just called the G7, but also has a ThinQ logo (as the G7's superscript) to represent the phone's inclusion of AI artificial intelligence. ThinQ is one of LG's latest brand logos, referring to a deep learning technology that records daily user habits and makes optimizations to enhance connectivity between devices. The currently released LG V30S is already using the ThinQ logo.

Leak photos

Leaked photos (bottom)

Combined with all the leaks, the LG G7 will feature a 6-inch 3120*1440 resolution bangscreen, have 4GB RAM (to start) available, dual rear cameras, support IP68 waterproofing, a 3,000mAh battery, retain the 3.5mm headphone jack, and come in five colors, black, gray, blue, navy, and rose.

According to the leaked rendering, the G7, in addition to the volume and power keys, also sets a key, which is suspected to include the ability to wake up the voice assistant.

Suspected voice assistant keystrokes

LG's mobile phone division has had poor sales in recent years and has been in the red for more than two years in a row. For the G7 can let LG mobile phone to fight a turnaround, I personally is not optimistic, because LG's newly launched mobile phone for the market sensitivity is still sluggish (such as now playing AI card is too late), hindsight, innovation is not painful, there is no breakthrough progress, the price is insincere, so personal prediction may also be the old road of the previous generations of G series.

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