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Lanzhou New District receives another award for "2018 China Smart City Innovation Award"

A beautiful city is just around the corner and Lanzhou New District has won another award.

Recently, the National Information Center and the International Data Group (IDG) jointly sponsored the Asia-Pacific Smart City Development Forum at the 20th Hi-Tech Fair Smart City Exhibition Held at Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. At the 2018 Asia Pacific Smart City Awards ceremony, the Lanzhou New District wins "2018 China Smart City Innovation Award"

Smart city refers to the integrated application of Internet, Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, AR/VR and other technologies to achieve data sharing and task collaboration in all aspects of city operation, so that the planning, construction, operation and services of the city can be intelligent, accurate, timely and efficient, thus enhancing the satisfaction of citizens as well as promoting sustainable development of the city.

The new type of smart city in Lanzhou New District includes a total of 22 major projects, and has completed the construction of the first phase of the cloud data center, e-government extranet, municipal wireless network, Internet of Things platform, and big data sharing and exchange platform. In the future, with the successive completion of the construction of the second and third phases of the project, it will comprehensively improve the level of informationization of public management services of the new district government and help the further development of the city.

Take a look at these smart projects in Lanzhou New District that are practically relevant to people's livelihood

Smart Healthcare

The Lanzhou New Area Smart Medical Project has completed the construction of information technology for medical services in Ruling Ya Yuan Community Health Service Center, Qinchuan Central Health Center and Wenqu Lake Community Health Service Center. The dynamic health data of patients attending the clinic will be uploaded to the big data platform of intelligent medical care, and medical staff can grasp the health data of patients in time to provide comprehensive services for residents' health.

The process of medical consultation will be further simplified: patients can choose hospitals according to their past medical records and their own needs, and they can also enjoy remote medical services, realizing "minor illnesses in the community, major illnesses in the hospital, recovery back to the community, and health in the family".

Intelligent Transportation

Lanzhou New District will use the traffic flow as the data base to automatically optimize the traffic signal timing to make the city traffic smoother. The Smart Bus System enables two-way communication between drivers and the dispatch management center as a way to improve the operational efficiency of commercial vehicles, buses and rental cars and provide convenient services for residents to travel.

Smart Social Security

Lanzhou New District will set up a unified database for participants, drugs, treatment items and service scope to realize unified management of basic information. Strengthen the comprehensive analysis of population quantity, structure, distribution, employment, education, mobility and migration, monitor trends in the development of the production and life of social groups, provide basic data support and decision-making support for social management, and build applications related to intelligent social security big data.

Smart Communities

The smart community construction includes infrastructure construction, community integrated service platform construction, smart elderly service system construction and smart meter reading system construction, forming a highly developed "neighborhood center" service, high-level security and intelligent community control, strengthening livelihood services in all aspects.

By Wei Juan, New Media Reporter, Lanzhou New District

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