Large research instruments can be used for "sharing" in Taiyuan Comprehensive Reform Zone

What if an SME has limited funds but urgently needs relevant research instruments for R&D trials? No need to rush, now even scientific research information, high-precision instruments can be shared; the reporter learned yesterday from the city's comprehensive reform demonstration zone, the district's science and technology innovation service platform has just been put into operation, lack of funds, lack of equipment, small and medium enterprises, innovation and entrepreneurship enterprises can get the appropriate software and hardware services on the platform.

"It's not realistic for us SMEs to spend millions of dollars on research instruments. Now it's good that you can book the instrument you want to use through the platform. "Yesterday, Zhang Wei, vice president of Shanxi Transformation and Reform Demonstration Zone enterprise Shanxi Noyun Information Technology Co. told reporters." The STI service platform is the 'Internet + Government Services'. "The relevant person in charge of the demonstration area said that the platform uses the Internet and big data and other means to integrate the province's science and technology innovation resources and entrepreneurial service resources online, providing the government, enterprises and innovation institutions with Internet-based interoperability and mutual trust in integrated public innovation services. The platform optimizes service processes, innovates service methods, promotes data sharing, and implements open and transparent services, so that enterprises and the public can run fewer errands, do better, and share the fruits of the development of "Internet + government services".

It is understood that the platform is currently launched nine services, including science and technology policy inquiries, large instrumentation and research facilities sharing, scientific and technological literature search, science and technology project management, science and technology micro and small enterprises to declare, enterprise dynamic monitoring, high-tech enterprise information registration, science and technology achievements display and transformation of scientific and technological achievements, enterprise information interaction, etc. And enterprises only need to provide business licenses, tax registration certificates and other information to register on the platform and enjoy the various services provided by the platform.

"One of the main initial objectives of building a science and technology innovation service platform is to reduce start-up costs and encourage enterprises to conduct their own research and development." The person in charge said. The sharing of large instrumentation and research facilities provided by the platform is one of the initiatives to reduce costs. It is understood that the province is increasingly investing in large instruments and equipment for universities and research institutes, but the effective use of these devices is not high, and many enterprises cannot afford to buy expensive research equipment. In order to solve this contradiction, the platform has launched a large scientific instrument and equipment sharing service to achieve optimal allocation of scientific research instruments and equipment, avoid or reduce duplicate acquisitions, thus improving the efficiency of using large scientific research instruments and equipment.

Currently, the platform has included information on 2,693 instruments. Registered companies can find the required instrument, the specification of that instrument, the name of the unit to which it belongs, the contact person, the contact number and other information in the platform by searching, etc. Companies wanting to use the instrument can simply book it on the platform. The platform also contains 296 pieces of information on research manufacturers, 112 pieces of information on research experts, and 11 pieces of information on key laboratories. Ltd. vice president Zhang Wei told reporters that the company December 8 in the platform booked the biological research institute of Shanxi Province, the use of a week, for the company's product experiments, spending about 5,000 yuan. "This service introduced by the demonstration zone is very beneficial for us SMEs, we can achieve the purpose of using it with little expense, which reduces the burden of the business and helps us to do R&D." Zhang Wei said.

In addition, the platform provides a "scientific and technical literature search" service, which allows registered companies to view literature that previously required payment for free. "Simply put, the demonstration area buys back the scientific and technical literature that you have to pay for and makes it available for registered businesses to view for free." The person in charge of the demonstration area said.

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