Leadtek wins "Best Autonomous Driving Solution Provider 2018" award

On November 28-29, Lead Cytech was invited to attend the Autopros 2018 Decision Maker Mobile Mobility Technology Conference organized by the Shanghai Decision Maker Group (CDMC), where many OEM OEMs and terminal partners gathered in Shanghai, and senior automotive people and new AI players discussed insights and experiences in the areas of mobility strategy, smart network connectivity, AI, autonomous driving, V2X, cybersecurity, etc.

By virtue of its mass-producible, multi-level L4 autonomous driving system architecture design and embedded sensor design that does not rely on overhead high-beam LIDAR, and its outstanding performance of building autonomous passing toll stations and roundabouts based on the chassis of domestic models, Linkjun Technology was highly praised and affirmed by the conference and judges and won the "Best Automated Driving Solution Provider of the Year 2018" Awards.

Winner of "2018 Best Autonomous Driving Solution Provider of the Year"

Dr. Wenli Yang, CEO of Linkjun Technology, shared the important application of simulation technology in the field of autonomous driving. The presentation focused on the 3D simulation test platform based on vehicle dynamics kernel and its significance in autonomous driving decision algorithm verification and reinforcement learning training, and also demonstrated the functional features of importing real traffic flow data replication scenarios and 10x ultra-real-time simulation. After that, Dr. Yang also shared the various scenarios and achievements achieved by the Lead Cycles self-driving test vehicle, showing various complex road conditions such as recognizing traffic lights in the evening with backlighting under urban roads, making autonomous decisions to change lanes to overtake, passing through complex roundabouts with five entrances and exits as well as entering and exiting ramps on highways, passing through tunnels without GPS signals and passing through toll station ETC lanes, etc., which received unanimous praise from the audience and attracted many guests to the Lead Cycles team booth for in-depth communication.

The Linkjun team in communication with guests

The Quadrant team answers technical questions for guests

Pilotage self-driving test vehicle passes through complex roundabout with five entrances and exits

Pilotage self-driving test vehicle passes through toll station ETC lane

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