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LearPython Website Basics Tutorial 3

Since last week, I've been updating my public post daily and today is Monday, so let's take a look at the previous week's content, linked below :

Where Monday-Friday was dominated by basic tutorials from the Learnpython site, and Saturday-Sunday topics revolved around IOS development, this week we continued to move forward with the public in this way, with the same basic tutorials from the LearnPython site Monday-Friday, and Saturday-Sunday focusing on some other technical topics.

During the Learnpython website basic tutorials, we will not only learn Python but also introduce some C/C++ code for comparison, this is because LearnPython related tutorials always compare Python with some C/C++ syntax, so it is better to know more background knowledge. That practice is always the only test of truth, so just go through the code practice to understand the whole process.

Today's Python video also focuses on Python's indented programming style, but since the comparison between Python statement block indentation and C/C++ flower brackets is mentioned in the original tutorial, as we also provide C/C++ related code for comparison demonstration, the specific video is shown below.

Python's indent 1

Indentation in Python 2 (enhanced version to understand the flow of running if statements vs. sequential statements)

Statement blocks in C/C++ versus Python statement blocks

There is a mistake in the video, in the C/C++ code the variable is i and not x, but it is affected by the Python code, the video always says x. Here is a statement.

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