Lesson 27 Accessing Prototypes on Your Phone - Little Ming Learning Axure Series

The axure prototypes are typically presented on a computer. However, if the product to be made is a mobile app, or an H5 page based on a WeChat public website, etc., it would be more intuitive and convenient to have the prototype displayed on the phone.

For the prototype to be accessible on mobile, two conditions need to be met.

1. The prototype is the right size and easy to view on the phone

2、Generate sharing links, mobile phones can directly open


Prototype size

The width and height of the axure prototype correspond to the logical resolution. Before making a prototype, you can check the logical resolution of the target device and then make a prototype according to the logical resolution. Generally, keeping the width of the prototype to about 360 will fit most phones.

You can set "viewport tabs" in Axure. After setting them, the prototype will automatically scale to fit the resolution of the mobile browser according to the tab rules.

(1) Find the preview option

(2) Find the configuration button again

(3) You can set the viewport tab by clicking Mobile Device. It is usually sufficient to use the default parameters.


Generate share links

After logging into your Axure account, click the Publish button. Select the "Publish to Axshare" command from the pop-up menu. Prototypes will be uploaded to Axure's official cloud platform.

After successful publication, the link in the pop-up window is the address of the prototype. The prefix of the prototype address is the project id of the prototype on the Axshare platform.

Share this link directly and it will open the prototype.

Ad: Axshare's servers are abroad and access may be slow. The companion textbook gives a simple way to build your own server to publish your prototype. There's also a handy prototype example of a small H5 test. For those who are interested.

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