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Let's make music "smart" together!



Summer 2017

During the summer summit "The Future of Science"

We held

Science and Technology Workshop Summer Camp on "The Future"

More than 50


The future and technology of

Creative Youth


Famous domestic science and technology mentors, creators and technology gods

Learning and communicating together

When someone else is in

When it comes to eating chicken pesticides

They've started

Develop a mobile app on your own

usefulness 3D printable harmony Laser Cutting、 Welding to build things to your heart's content

usefulness program Get to know the real world.


Three days is a long time.

They're going to learn complexities they've never been exposed to before

They had setbacks but didn't give up

Three days is a short time.

For the first time, they're curious. harmony Concentration to devote to one thing

This winter break

And what can we expect?!

Music empowers creators' imagination

"Music often makes me excited to think about the questions I'm working on ......"


"Man's intelligence holds three keys: one unlocks mathematics, one unlocks letters, and one unlocks musical notes. Knowledge, ideas, and fantasy are in the mix. "

-- Hugo

Creators' personalized and novel inventions stem from an endless "imagination", and the musical arts are an important channel for developing and enhancing that imagination. Music inspires the imagination because of its special function and its aesthetic characteristics. Music is the direct language of the soul of all things in the universe by portraying the corresponding emotional dynamics in the language of sound. Once creators enter such an imaginary world, they are free to roam around, recreating all sorts of experiences and fantasizing about a better future.

Speaking of bands (Band), from the famous British Folk Rock bandBeatles to the Irish national rock bandU2 to the British psychedelic rock bandPinkFloyd harmony Piano rock bandColdplayTheir music not only inspires the "Lost Generation" to find their vision and direction, but also gives us endless inspiration and imagination.

This winter break we are combining "building" with "music" and taking children through program Electronic Engineering Open source hardware digital artifacts The series of instruments are built using a wide range of tools. Form your own exclusive band, learn general music theory under the guidance of a professional music teacher, rehearse, and finally play on stage to make the best memories of your winter break.

Winter Camp Content

creative inspiration

Introduce children to the principles of creation, inspire bold imagination and open doors to their interests.

interesting program

Learn to graphically program, create electronic musical instrument programs, build a programming mindset, and use programming to implement the playing functions of electronic instruments.

Electronic Engineering

Learning Electronic Circuits harmony Knowledge of various components, Understand their features and functions and apply them to the design of the instrument。

digital artifacts

Learn CAD modeling software so that everyone can design unique shapes, print and assemble the designs using a laser cutter.

Music Theory Study

A simple foundation in basic music theory, How to read music, Learning pace harmony meter, Develop a basic sense of musicianship。

Creative Creation

Choose and design your own electronic instrument, adding your own design elements to highlight your style and personality in the process of making it.

Project Showcase

Boldly display their creative instruments and present their creative sources, design ideas for everyone.

Band Showcase

Use the instruments you make, Form your own band, By choreographing harmony The mentor team sang and partied together, The revelry belongs to“ creator of things” Your own music festival。

Written for those of you who are about to sign up

By attending this winter camp you will receive.

Walk to the makerspace in person, Up close and personal with creator tools, Experience maker culture through immersive building learning harmony Sci-Tech Charm, broaden one's horizons。

pass (a bill or inspection)PBL Project-based learning, Hand-designed、 Make and play an electronic instrument, Mastery in the process of learning Open source hardware、 program、 Electronic music and many other creative skills。

Experience becoming a product manager by actually designing and producing an electronic musical instrument piece, from idea to production to implementation to optimization to final shape, and going through the process of a product being born.

Learn about music theory, develop a basic sense of musicianship, form individual bands, and develop teamwork skills.

Zhengzhou Creators Space (national level crowdsourcing space, Zhengzhou Education Bureau primary and secondary school creators education base) record certification Technical Certificates harmony Documentation of social practice

final Band Showcase The winning team in the process will also receive: bonuses+ Award Certificate

Make new friends, gain happiness and friendship in the activities, and have a unique, fulfilling and memorable winter break.

Winter Camp Instructor Team

Specially Appointed Tutors

Derek Nee

TechX Founder of the Tech Summit。 Full scholarship to study atLafayette College EECS specialty。 Invited to Tsinghua University as a course project organizer in the Department of Industrial Engineering harmony Technical Instructor。 during, Participated as the youngest member in the development of a low-cost atomic force microscope at the Micro and Nano Research Centre。

In 2015 participated as the youngest researcher in the EU HIGHTS research project under Horizontal 2020. Won the first prize in the province for Physics, Mathematics and Biology in the Olympic competition. National Second Prize in the National Applied Physics Competition and National Third Prize in the Computer Production Competition.

Specially Appointed Music Instructor

Curious babies, you can look forward to it~

"You're just one ZMAKER away from being a master builder."

1、Tencent security team Google AI learning system has security vulnerabilities
2、Xiamen launches big data platform to prevent and control major chronic diseases in the elderly network to monitor health
3、Talking tech The more you die the more promising the AI industry
4、8 minutes in Beijing the age of artificial intelligence is upon us in the future your girlfriend might be a robot
5、The first phase of Lianyungang Comprehensive Traffic Command Center Software Project passed the preliminary inspection and the second phase was successfully awarded by Xin Tong Company

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