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Li Xiaolai's Super Bitcoin ambition is big enough to be "Blockstream + Ether + Zcash"

Since November, Bitcoin has entered a busy production period, with one forked coin "son" landing one after another, from the already born "Bitcoin Cash", "Bitcoin Gold", "Bitcoin Diamond", to the soon to be born "Bitcoin Uranium", "Bitcoin Silver" and so on, each family is thinking of ways to "make a distinction" with Bitcoin, and "Super Bitcoin" is to "surpass" Bitcoin, I have to say, this is very Li Xiaolai!

From EOS to Press One, the projects led by Li Xiaolai have always had the label of "breakthrough technology". This time, the "SBTC" has exploded on the cryptocurrency scene with its "fusion of smart contracts, lightning network, zero-knowledge proof and other cutting-edge technologies".

We can briefly look at these three techniques.

Zero Knowledge Proof

The complete anonymity of the transaction process is the biggest highlight of the digital currency ZCash, and it is this that has made ZCash so interesting since its introduction. The implementation of ZCash anonymous transactions relies on the cryptographic means of "zero-knowledge proofs". In a "zero-knowledge proof" protocol, the prover is able to convince the verifier that an assertion is correct without providing any useful information to the verifier.

Lightning Network

Lightning Network is a network that provides a scalable micropayment channel capable of confirming transactions quickly. Both parties to a transaction can achieve instantaneous confirmation multiple times, at high frequencies and in both directions if they have a pre-existing payment channel on the blockchain; both parties can also achieve a reliable transfer of funds through an indirect channel that exists through a third party if they do not have a direct peer-to-peer payment channel. It took years of research and development for Blockstream to achieve the lightning network that needed to rely on isolated witnesses to complete.

smart contract (computing)

The biggest breakthrough of ethereum compared to bitcoin is the addition of smart contracts to the blockchain, which can be understood as a digital protocol for various assets that automatically specifies where the underlying asset is and automatically executes transactions through algorithms. This has greatly expanded the blockchain from being a platform for a native "cryptocurrency" asset to a network for processing various digital assets, greatly expanding the scope of blockchain applications.

So it looks like SBTC is going to be "Blockstream + Ether + Zcash".

If BCH does "big blocks", BTG does "change mining algorithm", and BCD does "add transfer amount encryption", which is the first grade difficulty, SBTC should be doing at least the third grade.

As you can see from the chart above, each of the previous forks has shouted the slogan "make bitcoin better" to make some adjustments and additions to bitcoin, but this "better" is more of a differentiation of the "value proposition", and what SBTC is trying to accomplish is a difficult technological breakthrough.

Of course, having the courage to challenge great technical difficulties is not the same as having the ability to accomplish great technical practices.

According to STBC's route plan, we have to wait at least another 4+ months before we can judge the actual capabilities of its development team.

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