cool hit counter Li smiled and sent me hundreds of thousands of candy, what should I do?_Intefrankly

Li smiled and sent me hundreds of thousands of candy, what should I do?

About a dozen days ago, the link to sign up for free candy began to catch on in the currency circle's major exchange groups. You can pick up 100 sweets as long as you sign up with your mobile phone number via someone else's link.

I don't usually pay much attention to this kind of flying little ad, But then a friend said it was Li laughing at the teacher, I can't help but be interested.

Who's Li laughing at?

The first people in China to buy Bitcoin. At that time, he also organized a group of people in Beijing coffee mining machines in the garage, engaged in blockchain start-up. It can be said that now a lot of currency circles of the big curry, including Bao II master, but also Li laugh to bring out. Laughing is known as China's richest bitcoin man, and there are always those who suspect he doesn't have that much bitcoin. I just want to say that the problem you see is always not the point, is not the richest man has anything to do with you? Laugh to make yourself famous and make money by means, that's what makes him great, don't look down on people,And don't let the bad guys lead you astray. 。 And I have also seen Li laugh from the "road to freedom of wealth", it can be said that Li laughs this person logic is very strict, cognitive than the average person do not know how many dimensions. What's more, laughing also sent me hundreds of thousands of candy ah

So, what exactly is candy?

Candy is also a coin, and now many of the coins issued on Ethereum is the same, is the previously popular "ten minutes can be issued out" of a coin. Laughing good friend Old Cat said the first candy was randomly distributed to users who had already been certified under real names on, this time with 5 billion and 45 billion candy coins later through the campaign.

So what's the value of this coin?

This coin with a total volume of 50 billion has no value in itself, but it is a voucher. Li Xiaolai put a lot of coins from other projects inside this candy box, which is now worth about 500 million yuan, that means the actual value of each coin is 0.01 yuan. If the coins in the box go up, then the real value of those candies increases.

So, I've got hundreds of thousands of candy coins in my account, so what am I going to do about it?

The answer, of course, is to hoard for three years and see. Coin circle, only by hoarding money can wealth freedom, especially high-quality low-cost coins, must hold. And, laughing to say the least, he will keep filling this box with more coins because he is a cryptocurrency leader and an investment guru, he has enough resources and judgment to get tokens for good projects, and probably people will not want money to give to him.

Not only should you hoard the coins you laugh at, but you should buy more at low prices It's not expensive anyway. Just like the original wavelength, from a penny to 2 pieces, 200 times the increase, many people rely on this suddenly 100,000 into 20 million, you say the hedgehog is not exciting.

Of course, I am just giving an example, Sun Yuchen's wavelength coin total 100 billion, the initial issue price of a penny, is a fan coin, did not see any value, Sun Yuchen this person does not engage in wavelength okay, engaged in wavelength after playing a single game ferocious pull plate, an air coin born only a few months rushed to the world's cryptocurrency ranking version of the top ten, straight after the ethereum, after the plunge set a lot of bitter leeks. Not doing honest work, just speculating on coins, not only put the cryptocurrency to death, but also turned themselves into jumping clowns and stink. If you take the wave field comparison, Mr. Li Xiaolai this candy box actual value do not know how many times stronger than the wave, there is no reason not to rise, the Now the price is not expensive, there is no reason not to hold.

Moreover, candy boxes are actually hard to zero.

We all know that. Buy an asset looking for a safe space, anti-fall is a good asset。 To be clear, what we are doing now is venture capital, what value investment, blockchain technology is still in the embryonic stage of industrial development, technology has just started. Think is very beautiful, the reality is very cruel, any project has the risk of zero. This candy box contains dozens of items, investment is also a high-risk project, can be said to be the traditional venture capital play. Spreading money across the N-plus projects you like, as long as one survives as a blockchain giant, it can recover all the losses and make a profit.

So. If you don't have any good investment targets, candy is your best choice . Take some of the money and choose to take a plunge or fix it and enjoy Dividends for the long-term development of blockchain And use Li to laugh horizon and sources , the best project in the blockchain world, and can spread risk.

Waiting for it to double, rise to ten times, rise to a hundred times, but also to stabilize.... If a coin can double, why not ten times? Because of its high quality, so the price rise, has won people's attention. Once people pay attention, it brings a new round of rising. This is also why I am concerned about the real high-quality currency do not speculate on air currency, because once the air currency rises you are very panicked, we all know that it is worthless, air currency and high-quality currency will be affected by the impact of this market funds and rise, but at any time may plummet to zero.

The essence of investment is to buy a good asset and keep it. Just like Warren Buffett, it probably won't even sell if it goes up a few hundred times.

This year there will be a lot of air coins die, I mentioned the reason in the previous article, garbage is garbage, you don't expect it to get better. So I made a decision : Throw away some of the trash on your hands and buy some candy coins.

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