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LinusTorvalds tells kernel developers the details of fixing Linux systems

Article Credit: Simon Sharwood, APAC Editor, Cloud+ Community

Linus Torvalds has brought some improvements to the Linux kernel development community after Linux 4.18 found some contributions complicating the kernel development process.

Torvalds' post on the Linux kernel 4.18 release mentions "some notable filesystem updates, especially cifs. "

“I'll point these out., Because some of them probably shouldn't be inrc2 appear in。 They're not.' return to' meaningful' fix', rather' Missing features' The restoration in the sense of。“

Torvalds beef is the people who have been adding new content to the kernel in release candidates and calling it a fix.

“ consequently, request sb to do sth., great expert, (located) atrc series period,' amendments' It really should be._regressions_ category。 If it ever works., And it doesn't work that way anymore., Then there's a great opportunity to solve this problem。 Or if something works or is a safety hazard, Then fixing this problem is a real solution。“

“ nevertheless, If it never works., Even if it could” fix“ Some behavior, Then this is a new development, And this should appear in the merge window。 Just because you think it's a' fix' Doesn't mean it's really a, At least in'rc range' essentially speaking。“

We think all of this means "fixing what is broken, but not fixing the lack of functionality, which can be fixed as long as the fixer works during the merge window. "

Other than that, RC2 is nothing spectacular: Torvalds says it's "mostly arch updates (x86, powerpc, arm64, mips) and core networking. "

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