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LiteCoin founder Qiwei Li joins HTC as blockchain phone advisor

Founder of Wrightcoin

Charlie Lee revealed that

He's helping smartphone makers

HTC launches blockchain phone that

to better meet the needs of the general

Demand from cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

In a tweet posted by Lee Kiewi

He revealed that he would be working as

consultant to join HTC.

Blockchain smartphone for Exodus

Provide support.

He said.

"I will be an HTC consultant.

Because I see potential in them.

Introducing a security

Extremely high encryption phones.

And can make lightning

Networking made easier.

Better promotion of cryptocurrencies

Large-scale applications. "

Lee Kee Wee added that.

"Last week.

Me and the HTC Exodus team

Having made contact.

Glad to learn about this phone

There will be support for Litecoin and

The LiteCoin native lightning network that


I decided to become an HTC Exodus

Blockchain Smartphone Advisor. "

In addition.

Lee Kwei revealed that

He will be involved in the Exodus blockchain

The development of smartphones in the work of

It also confirms that this phone

There will be support for native Litecoin and

Lightning Network based Litecoin trading.

Not only that.

Exodus will also support Bitcoin, the

This means that the phone is capable of

Works with many cryptocurrencies.

Although not yet announced

The specific time of availability of

However, there are reports that the HTC Exodus

will be released this fall.

It was also the world's first

being able to use smart contracts.

Dealing with DApp's

Blockchain smartphones.

It is worth noting that

HTC isn't the only one

Enter the blockchain smartphone

Mobile phone manufacturer.

In fact.

Sirin Labs has recently released

A blockchain phone that

priced at about $1,000.

But can these phones achieve

What they promised.

Related features remain to be seen.

For the consumer.

Blockchain smartphones are indeed

An attractive selling point that

But if the experience is poor.

Maybe no one will like it.

This concept hype up.

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