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Little Lee's Flying Dagger - Essays 2017 No. 63

I came to the vicinity of Xiao Bei Guan, and on the way, I also occasionally saw a small temple with brilliant lights, and asked if it seemed to be the Temple of the Three Emperors, and touched the path along the side pavilion. It was built during the Kangxi period in the Qing Dynasty, but in modern times it has been used as a primary and secondary school, and only in recent years has it been restored with some ancillary buildings.

The road is farther away, naturally hungry, there is a rather large storefront seems to be a large bowl of knife-cutting noodles shop, "Xiao Li Fei Dao", haha, it is. Order a bowl of noodles with a few lo mein for 10 yuan, fuck a bottle of old snow for two dollars, and the wine set is only served in a large bowl, but unfortunately I forgot to try the 1 yuan Bawangsi soda, it's been a long time coming.

"Xiao Li Fei Dao", lightly does not strike, once struck, the case is not false, the pursuit is shock and a moment of fame, but can only be considered "one person enemy", against a group of targets will not be able to. But, in recent days, the shadow of a near "Billion Man Enemy" mass murderer has begun to loom over Northeast Asia. Neighbouring countries are becoming increasingly dangerous and unstable, led by the most promising youth of our time. How it will be followed up, how this crisis and opportunity will evolve, the future of the Northeast, in fact, has been closely linked to it. If it is satisfactorily resolved, the Northeast probably won't need any of the state's so-called policies. State affairs, naturally, are too intricate to comment on in a simple way, but the situation today, and we ourselves are obviously not out of touch.

"North China is in a hurry, Central China is in a hurry", sounds a bit scary and a bit familiar, it turns out that in order to improve air quality, coal to gas change in a hurry, resulting in a huge shortage of gas for residential and business use. The dream of a strong country seems to be near, but the campaign-style pat on the head decision still keep appearing, "who burns coal will be arrested" thunderous slogan I do not know if it is true, the campaign is naturally fast, the effect of quick success seems to seize easy, but the solution to the problem think ultimately can not be entirely on our poor LNG, right, God gave us the rich coal but abandoned? I wonder if the temperature in the residence and home has been much worse lately, and if it could have something to do with not giving up or daring to use more coal! It always seems like remediation is getting the wrong focus, but the real source of pollution is probably the tiger's ass where the real interests are untouchable.

It feels like the world is changing faster and faster, more and more chaotic, as if something big is happening every day, as if humans just can't live in peace for long. Humans are good at self-torture, or self-evolution, or self-destruction. But at the same time man's own creation of artificial intelligence is truly evolving and getting closer to becoming a new species that will surpass humans. After the fall of Go and the loss of lawyers, as mentioned in the previous article, it seems that the field of art that contains human emotions, such as calligraphy, becomes the last psychological comfort for humans. But piano playing in the arts seems to have been lost as well, and perhaps, as humans are losing even the patent on emotion, it's really not clear what humans have left to compete with them.

It's fine to think about it, but after all, it hasn't happened yet, but general AI applications are literally spreading rapidly, replacing people in their jobs. Shenzhen's unmanned buses are already running on a trial basis, and drivers are no longer necessary. I saw an article about the rise and fall of credit review, where the credit review refers to the pre-lending stage of customer credit review, mainly P2P mostly, in the past, relying on human, now artificial intelligence under big data, low cost, high quality and efficiency, do not have to worry about operational risk and moral hazard, the decline of the traditional manual credit review and be replaced became inevitable. In the future, probably what we need to think more about is what else can we really do?

These days there is nothing to think about, babbling about it, haha, although Shen Da are small snow big snow are no snow, but does not affect the green ants red mud, guard a period of years quiet.


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