cool hit counter Look here for early diagnosis of lung cancer! Artificial intelligence developed in Suzhou to pull out even the smallest lesions in the lungs!_Intefrankly

Look here for early diagnosis of lung cancer! Artificial intelligence developed in Suzhou to pull out even the smallest lesions in the lungs!

In recent years, there has been a growing concern about the health of "lungs"

At a certain age

Make sure you get a chest CT for your physical.

There seems to be a growing consensus as well

Two days ago, at an oncology clinic

I saw an old couple

I can't believe they all have "lung cancer"!!!

It was only discovered too early to cause serious adverse consequences

Editor's reminder.

A C.T. and everything's fine?

What if the nodules are too small?

What if the nodal changes are subtle?

that is say

Two or more CTs at the same hospital

But the nodules in the lungs do change, just subtly

The naked eye can't even identify it.

What to do?!!!

Look at this CT report above.

Not only the location, diameter, density, and volume of the lung nodules

There's even a percentage of malignant risks!

The editor recently made an appointment Yao Fei Rong, Department of Radiology director

Demystifying it for everyone

The newest CT report-reading wizard from SUU Hospital.

Artificial intelligence (AI) for chest CT reading

Four characteristics of lung nodules with particularly high detection rates

Director Yao said that for nodules below 2 mm, the detection rate of this AI can reach more than 95%, and when the human eye goes to identify them, they are often easily missed because they are too small.

Every minute of the four features is a homogeneous job

When a person sits in front of a computer all the time to read films, his diagnostic accuracy is inversely correlated with the degree of eye fatigue, i.e., the longer the time, the more easily the eyes are fatigued, and the accuracy of the film reading shows a certain degree of decline.

But not the AI, which ensures that every minute is working homogeneously, and that every hour is read with homogeneous accuracy!

The four main features are particularly accurate in determining the composition of nodules

The most surprising feature of the AI is its determination of the composition inside the nodules; it is able to make judgments about the composition inside small nodules, especially small calcifications as well as small solid lesions and their content.

If there is a solid or vascular component within, it often suggests the possibility of malignancy.

Also, due to the precision of AI measurements, it is more accurate than manual measurements for nodule measurements such as diameter size, so that subtle changes before and after two CT exams can be compared.

Four characteristics of amazing self-learning ability

There is another point of particular interest in this report: the probability of malignancy!

Once the staff entered the pathology of the nodules encountered, the AI encountered similar nodules again and its diagnosis had a previous impression.

The AI has already learned a considerable amount of pathology specimens before entering the clinic, but the more it is used, the richer the AI's pathology reservoir will become and the more accurate the diagnosis will be.

Hospital radiologists are often limited by their work experience when reading films, so lower-ranking doctors must be reviewed by a senior doctor before a report can be issued. But the AI is not limited to this, with a powerful learning capability that allows it to always update its knowledge base and provide the most valuable reports to the clinic!

In this case, the patient was detected with a total of 3 nodules and the AI presented a report that not only had a low miss rate, but also was very important for the clinician's reference for the next step in treatment!

Director Yao Fei Rong also told me that this high-tech artificial intelligence is made in Suzhou! The national brand is great!

Advances in technology have allowed us to advance in medicine

Black technology to help diagnose lung nodules

Making early detection and diagnosis of lung cancer

Reaching more patients and families

In recent years, the hospital's radiology department has beenHu Chunhong director Under the leadership of the department, the department is in line with the world in many aspects of research, equipment, personnel, etc., with technology for the clinic, for the patient has made a lot of great achievements!

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