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'Love Gets Right' mother-in-law-to-be bucks big data momma's boy by hand

Last week's episode of "Love at the Right Door" was a reversal of fortune, as the big data socialite who dominated two editions of the show met the main male guest who listens to his mother in everything and lost for the first time, with the candidate recommended by his mother-in-law-to-be finally getting a hand. The mumbo-jumbo man felt the plywood gas in advance on stage and was torn by the 90-year-old female guest on the spot, and the viewpoint of "filial piety is not foolish filial piety" was praised by netizens.

In the first two episodes of Love Finds the Right Door, the guests recommended by Big Data were successful in holding hands, forcefully proving that they understand the emotional needs of their guests better than their family and friends in their relationships, however, in the third episode there was a change of heart. Compared to the objectivity of larger data, mothers and friends recommending dating partners are often more subjective and more in line with their own standards, but this week's main choice of male guest is convinced that his mother's choice is the most reliable, "All the years of my mother's education, the rules in the family, led to my outlook on life and the world may be more relevant to my mother's choice. "And his criteria for selecting the ideal object coincides with his mother, both require gentle, well-behaved and understanding, the male guest is a ninety-year-old, but the concept of choosing a spouse is very traditional, host Zhao Yiou, a sixty-year-old are resonating," how I feel that this is particularly like what my father said to me when I was in a relationship. "

The mother and son of the male guest formed a tacit understanding as soon as they started, and the mother even openly stated, "My choice is his choice." In the process of communicating with the female guest, the male guest also listened to his mother's advice, and the mother felt that the female guest was a melancholy type and asked to be eliminated, and the male guest was indeed the first to make him go out. The mother did not like the female guest of the foreign model, and the son finally eliminated it, because "I am a filial son", such a male guest by the female guest Hua Hua fire spit, "hundred good filial piety is the first, but filial piety does not mean foolish filial piety, (not) no principle to filial piety, everything listen to the mother. "

Hua Hua is a typical post-90s girl, facing the traditional thinking of her mother and son, demonstrating a new concept of life and work for women in the new era, more independent and autonomous, also has her own opinions and ideas, she is bold in pursuing love, but also daring to actively give up. Such an independent woman was praised by netizens, and everyone took a stand in support of the female guest, "cherish life and stay away from mommy and daddy! ""Think Hana makes a good point, it's her not your mother that you'll be spending your life with." "What girl wants to marry a husband like that?" "It feels like whoever is his daughter-in-law in the future will suffer." "Can't really do anything about it, leave the female guests alone, thanks!" The number of mommy and daddy men is getting bigger and bigger nowadays, and how to treat this group in life has become a big problem, and men should think about how to grasp the scale and have their own independent judgment while being "filial".

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