Lovewood Wealth releases 2017 annual operating report with steady growth in platform users

On January 24, Aiki Wealth, the industry's leading supply chain financial information service platform, released its 2017 annual operations report. Data show that in 2017, Lovewood Wealth served a total of nearly 100,000 users, and the platform aggregated a total of 174 million yuan in successful contracts, helping users to gain more than 3.63 million yuan. Comprehensive view, in 2017, all core business indicators of Lovewood Wealth achieved solid growth and continued to lead the mutual fund industry.

Since 2016, the Internet finance industry has officially entered the first year of compliance, and 2017 is known as the "strictest" regulatory year in history. The intensive introduction of relevant policies fundamentally maintain the industry order of Internet finance, but also strongly promote the love of wood wealth in a safe and compliant mutual fund platform stand out.

In order to make users more secure and convenient when investing, love wood wealth on the one hand to respond to the requirements of national regulation, and constantly enhance the platform's security compliance: in August 2017, and Haikou United Agricultural and Commercial Bank on line funds depository system, to ensure that the platform only provides information, not touch the user a penny of funds management mode; to strengthen the confidentiality of information security measures, love wood wealth has reached the same national level of security assessment level 3 with the bank - information system security level protection level 3 filing; on the other hand, through the layout of national financial education, love wood wealth has been on line online loan small classroom to popularize online loan knowledge, fundamentally enhance the user's wealth management awareness, to help them develop a good way of investment.

This series of compliance and innovation moves let love wood wealth won the industry and users fully affirmed, 2017, love wood wealth through their own perseverance and efforts to create a safe and secure financial platform for users, get the user's affirmation is our greatest happiness.

Aiki Wealth CEO said: In the future, Aiki Wealth firmly believes that relying on the Internet can improve the efficiency and satisfaction of financial services, making financial services within reach, and will continue to use the Internet to work for the supply-side reform of the wood industry, and continue to bring professional and warm financial services to users.

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