cool hit counter Lu Shihai, director of Zhengzhou Municipal Party Committee's Internet Information Office, and his party visited Xinda Tianrui for research_Intefrankly

Lu Shihai, director of Zhengzhou Municipal Party Committee's Internet Information Office, and his party visited Xinda Tianrui for research

On the afternoon of October 31, Lu Shihai, director of Zhengzhou Municipal Committee Network Security and Informatization Leading Group Office, Hong Jiantao, captain of Zhengzhou City Network Supervision Detachment and other security management, Ge Wei, president of Zhengzhou Computer Network Security Association, and his party visited Zhengzhou Xinda Tianrui Information Technology Co.

Guo Mengfei, head of Xinda Tianrui, Dr. Chen Yu, CTO and other company leaders received Director Lu Shihai and his party and made a detailed work report. The research team went to the Research and Development Department, Security Service Department and Technology Department. During the field research, Director Lu Shihai learned in detail about the security technology research, product development, etc. in the direction of application security, Internet security, big data security and situational awareness.

In the subsequent research symposium, Dr. Chen Yu, CTO, introduced the basic situation, development history, product applications, and strategic development layout of the company, and had an in-depth exchange with the leaders of the research team on the security emergency response drills, virus horizontal propagation control, and emergency disposal of network security cases in party and government organs, enterprises and institutions.

During the conference, Dr. Chen Yu also gave a presentation on the network security situational awareness platform, the application of big data in the field of information security, and future technology directions.

After listening to the report, Director Lu Shihai fully affirmed that Xinda Tianrui relies on its independent core R&D advantages and technological innovation to provide network security services for the government, society and enterprises, while pointing out that in the new era of building a strong network country, "without network security there is no national security, there is no stable operation of the economy and society", and that Xinda Tianrui, as " Zhengzhou City Network and Information Security Technical Support Unit for the Communication of Information Mechanism ", which provides strong technical support for network security and comprehensive network governance in the new era and undertakes corporate social responsibility; we hope that Xinda Tianrui will always stand at the forefront of the development of the information security industry, continue to uphold the spirit of independent innovation, work hard and forge ahead, and escort the sustainable and healthy development of China's information security in the new era.

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