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MVPArms official debut of one-click generation component-based, experience pure foolproof component-based development

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I'm in previous article The introduction in MVPArms The official rapid componentization scheme of the ArmsComponent

It was always stressed at the time ArmsComponent be speed The componentization solution, but the article only provides a nearly 10,000-word official document, but does not show how fast the componentization solution is

Newbies are already shivering after seeing nearly 10,000 words of documentation? Think the cost of entry is too high and want to give up?

The point of writing this article is to show speed These two words, how fast are they? Fast!

Now I can tell you that most of the content and specifications described in the official documentation can now be generated with just one click, fast and error-free, so that even newcomers can enjoy playing with componentization, which greatly improves the development experience and efficiency, so what's not to choose ArmsComponent What about opening the door to componentization?

All right, let's get down to business. Let's just look at the picture below.


Read this. GIF After the picture, are you already eager to try it? A few clicks to generate components? Are you kidding me? Well, if you don't believe me, go install it now and try it out!

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Instructions for use

  1. initial use ArmsComponent-Template (Module level one-click template) to build the overall component architecture with one click, and then use the MVPArmsTemplate ( pages level one-click template) One click to generate the required MVP and Dagger2 Related classes, i.e. you can start a componentized project in a second even if you don't know anything!
  2. If you modify this template and open it from the web, please give credit to the source, respect open source, only then will someone want to open source, thank you!

How do I install it?

Please send NewArmsComponent This folder is copied to the AndroidStudio Module The path where the templates are stored, please note that the entire folder is copied, not the contents!

AndroidStudio Module Template storage path ( Please note that Module-level templates and page-level templates are stored in different paths, so don't misplace them!):

  • Windows : AS installation directory/plugins/android/lib/templates/gradle-projects
  • Mac : /Applications/Android

Finally remember to restart AndroidStudio !

How does it work?

To use it, just follow the steps below, or use the shortcut keys, Mac The shortcut key is to press on the item name Command + n , Select Module, Windows Shortcuts by Baidu


caveat emptor

  • This template is based on the ArmsComponent is developed, so it uses the ArmsComponent the overall architecture, the optimal way is to directly clone or download ArmsComponent After the project, use this template directly on top of the project to start the development of the business, so you can experience pure foolproof component-based development
  • Components generated using this template will be ready to run standalone immediately, but if you want to integrate debugging, you will need to add a new component to the host App in Rely on this component
  dependencies {
    if (!isBuildModule.toBoolean()) {
        implementation project(":ModuleZhihu")
        implementation project(":ModuleGank")
        implementation project(":ModuleGold")
        implementation project(": Component Name(Module name)")
  • This template is continuously updated, but is only guaranteed to be compatible with the latest AndroidStudio Stable Edition , No other versions available at this time



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