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Machines will replace manpower in the future

The replacement of human labor by machines should be considered a given. A lot of assembly-line production work can be left entirely to AI in the future.

So the question arises, what about the freed up workforce, re-finding other jobs? But many areas could be done by machines instead, and the entire planet simply doesn't need that much manual labor. So, I am afraid that many people will have to lose their jobs at that time.

Then think optimistically, I'm afraid the government will have to support these people and pay them the dole on time. With the help of AI, the government should have enough capacity and resources to feed a large unproductive population, and it will have to, or the population will overthrow the government.

But providing for the people is not without problems, because people who have nothing to do every day can also lead to all kinds of trouble. So the government still needs to find ways to create some jobs - even if they're not actually of much use - so that people don't have nothing to do all together. In such a scenario, then, a new system is bound to arise to accommodate the change, I just don't know if it's better or worse.

In all likelihood, survival will then be no longer a problem for humanity, but there will be less and less room for the mind, because the whole world will then be machinic, artificial and institutionalized. In order for people to live and work happily, the government needs to keep society in order, either in a 1984 style (tightening controls, limiting freedom, keeping people fed and compliant), or in a Beautiful New World style (keeping people addicted to entertainment, relying on technology and systems, fooling their minds and weakening their wills), or both; both are foolishness, and in such a world, technology is evolving and humans are degenerating.

There is, of course, a third way, which might enable mankind to evolve as well, only it is more difficult, and that is to follow the example of the ancient Greeks, so that people seek knowledge, love beauty, love art, and have a rich spiritual world, instead of being greedy and foolish.

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