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Magic Bean Street

The first opportunity just came out! 6️15! Unique modes

️ Magic Bean Street ⛅️ 0 investment speed jerk

Blockchain + Online Mall + Physical Store

Total release 100 million magic beans! 30 million in strategic corporate reserves! 70 million crowdfunding at $0.10 per piece

Open trading platform until July 15, only up!

Estimated to rise 1000 times by the end of the year❗

Scan the code to sign up for the promotion! Split 5 million gold together! Easy registration, single process! Sign in daily with beans

Get a head start and be one of the first to eat the meat

Bottom of the year up to $100 a magic bean

Violent Level 5 gold ownership.

20 per cent at the first level.

10 per cent for level II.

10% at level 3.

5% at level 4.

Five percent!

No need to buy a partner Low threshold and high revenue Promotion of the first choice for entrepreneurship

Direct Push:1 or more people get a level!

5 people take level 2!

Ten men take three levels!

20 people get level 4!

30 people take five generations.

Registration link: click to copy link

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