Magnificent ambition! Dongfeng Nissan geometric play to build the foundation of the next 10 million

How much time do you think it will take to make the leap from 0 to 10 million complete vehicles produced? 20 years? 30 years?

However, from 2003 to August 27, 2018, Dongfeng Nissan reached the goal of 10 million vehicle production in just 15 years, setting a new record for the fastest achievement of the 10 million production goal in the industry.

Not only that, after 15 years of hard work, Dongfeng Nissan's annual sales scale has grown from 65,000 volumes to 1.12 million units, and even against the backdrop of a generally low-growth domestic market in 2018, Dongfeng Nissan still delivered a respectable January-July sales volume of more than 610,000 units, up 10.3 percent year-on-year.

So, standing at the new windbreak of this era and the starting point of the next 10 million production, how will Dongfeng Nissan grasp the new opportunities of the era and achieve the optimal solution of the target?

New energy continues to drive

Laying out 10 million sales

As the representative model of the 10 millionth vehicle offline, Xuan Yi - pure electric has a unique significance to carry on the next, not only symbolizes the glory of Dongfeng Nissan fuel vehicles, but also opens a new chapter of Dongfeng Nissan.

With more than 70 years of experience in electric vehicle development and manufacturing and more than 25 years of experience in automotive battery development and manufacturing, Nissan's strong technical backing is difficult for other emerging car companies to reach.

The Nissan LEAF has also been at the top of the global cumulative sales of electric vehicles, with over 320,000 owners worldwide, 4 billion kilometers driven and a proud record of zero major battery accidents.

The "Xuan Yi - pure electric" in China is the same family with the global electric car sales champion Nissan LEAF, both Nissan E-Platform global professional electric vehicle platform research and development, the core technology of the same lineage, to ensure the Xuan Yi - pure electric technical advancement and quality stability.

"Based on Nissan's professional and efficient tri-electric system, the Xuan Yi Pure Electric achieves three major advantages: high energy efficiency, precise range and stable output.

The SYLPHY Zero Emission achieves 13.8kWh/100km of the lowest electric consumption in its class through an integrated high-efficiency pure electric powertrain, relying on the LBC battery management system, which can effectively improve battery life and provide accurate range indication; with E-control's unique precision motor torque control technology can maintain stable output at any power level.

Starting with the unveiling of the Xuan Yi-Pure Electric at the Beijing Auto Show in April this year, Dongfeng Nissan announced that its most advanced EV, e-POWER and VCT power technologies will all be introduced one after another.

Not only that, Dongfeng Nissan has also formulated a five-year medium-term plan to strive to enter the top three joint venture brands in overall sales, will release no less than five electric drive models and 15 new vehicles including e-Power-equipped models, challenge the 30% sales share of electric drive models, and focus on building a leading electric vehicle leadership brand in the Chinese market.

A comprehensive "smart" solution

In the era of the "New Four", which is characterized by intelligence, network connectivity, electrification and sharing, Dongfeng Nissan is continuing to launch high-quality new energy products, in addition to intelligent network connectivity and autonomous driving, which are two other important pivot points for Dongfeng Nissan.

When talking about Dongfeng Nissan's Smart Network and Smart Driving, it is impossible to leave the Dongfeng Nissan Technology Center.

It is the fourth Nissan Motor Company technical center with an equivalent R&D platform in the world, and has grown from the beginning with more than 70 people to a technical team of more than 1,300 people, realizing an independent development path led by the needs of Chinese consumers and continuing to lead intelligent, electrified and networked technology innovation.

With the official launch of Xuan Yi - Pure Electric as a symbol, Dongfeng Nissan promotes Nissan Intelligent Mobility (Nissan Intelligent Mobility) to be fully implemented in China, comprehensively laying out intelligent power, intelligent interconnection and intelligent driving, and is committed to becoming the leader of intelligent car life.

Combined with Dongfeng Nissan's smart connectivity technology, Dongfeng Nissan has released its self-developed and the first car networking system with independent intellectual property rights among mainstream joint venture car companies - "Zhi Xing +" car networking system in June this year, taking the Jinke Smart Link Edition as a start, and completing the installation of "Zhi Xing +" car networking system for the entire main models in 2018.

In terms of intelligent driving, DFB will gradually introduce advanced ProPILOT, ProPILOT Park and other autonomous driving technologies, and plans to introduce single-lane highway autonomous driving technology by 2019; multi-lane highway autonomous driving technology by 2021; and autonomous driving technology on complex city roads by 2022.

Long-term layout and precise positioning have become the key for Dongfeng Nissan to seize the "new four", and the layout in the direction of intelligent power, intelligent network connection and intelligent driving will become the biggest strength of Dongfeng Nissan in the "post-million era".

Sustainable and sustainable car building concept

Ambitious Future

In fiscal 2017, Nissan announced its new medium-term business plan, "Nissan M.O.V.E. to 2022," which aims to help Nissan Motor Co. achieve 30 percent growth in earnings to ¥16.5 trillion by fiscal 2020, increase its operating margin to 8 percent, and generate cumulative free cash flow of ¥2.5 trillion.

As part of "Nissan M.OV.E. to 2022," new energy models such as the Nissan LEAF and the Hennessy Pure Electric will be important support points for the plan.

Based on this plan, DFL has extended the "Triple One" plan.

"The "Triple One" plan inherits and develops Dongfeng's 13th Five-Year Plan and Nissan's medium-term plan "M.O.V.E. to 2022", which plans to reach 2.6 million units in annual sales and RMB 300 billion in sales revenue by 2022, focusing on maintaining the company's strong growth momentum, increasing sales by more than one million units in the next five years, and vigorously promoting and leading the development of smart mobility technology.

To further implement the green development and localization process, DFL also announced the "DFL Green 2022 Plan" on August 8, planning to accelerate the development of green products, green manufacturing and resource reuse to build a sustainable brand in the next five years.

Taking Xuan Yi-Pure Electric as the starting point, we will start a new mileage of electrification development, import Nissan technology in the next 3 years, and strive to achieve 100% localization of core components for electrification within 3 years.

In terms of technology, according to DFL's plan, it will accelerate the adoption of Nissan technology and achieve full localization of core components (motors, inverters, gearboxes) for electrified vehicles in the next three years; make full use of Nissan's battery technology for electric vehicles and ladder-type battery management technology and experience, and accelerate the deployment of battery recycling in China.

From this ambitious plan and meticulous planning, we can find that Dongfeng Nissan is not only a technology-oriented company, but also a responsibility-driven one.

In the "Post-Ten Million Era", Dongfeng Nissan has released its "Business Plan to Challenge the Top 3 Joint Venture Brands by 2022". Dongfeng Nissan not only actively introduces new technologies, new products and new processes, but also focuses on improving the quality of the management of the entire value chain; enhancing customer experience and improving customer satisfaction through intelligent tools.

Above, we can see that Dongfeng Nissan has formed a geometric approach to the next 10 million production, which takes culture and technology as the core driving force, based on the present and looking into the future, to build a richer and more diversified "people, cars and life".

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