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Making? Operations? The small streams that make a river of small programs

Some of the common questions that you have to face when you are in business are: how do you leverage the internet platform? What products should I stock? What platform to choose? The next thing is, knowing this brand, comparing that platform and being overwhelmed.

First you need to get one thing clear, in this age of mobile internet. What happens when it's hot and consumers don't want to go out but have a need to consume products and services? As a retail store, whoever's products and services appear in the user's phone will be the first to grab the user's spending potential!So how do your products and services appear in the user's phone? Tiger thinks the easiest way is to make small programs!

I. Making a small program

There are many ways and platforms to make small programs, but to really build your own store's small program platform, then you must find a platform with deep research and development strength, mastering the core small program technology, such as tiny tiger small program.

Second, operating small programs

1. Achieve diversion and efficiency

When consumers open the WeChat applet in their phones, the first column is the nearby applet, and the number of nearby applet columns is increasing day by day as more and more businesses discover and open up the applet. The most significant benefit of small programs for brick and mortar stores is the diversion through small programs. Weixiaohu small program, focus on WeChat small program development and promotion.

2、Increase stickiness and improve experience

For the offline brick-and-mortar industry, many times it's a one-shot deal, and there are still too few customers for secondary consumers after all. And now, brick-and-mortar merchants can make this problem go away with a small program. The applets can go offline and increase user stickiness.

3、Reduce operating costs and connect online and offline

As we all know, the two biggest operating costs of a brick and mortar store are rent and labor. In the case of relatively fixed rental costs, you can only work on providing services, new customer flow, and do a good job of attracting customers, you can reduce costs to improve the performance of the key!

III. The example of a restaurant store

From the restaurant small program, suppose a restaurant to do a small program, the nearby 5 km customers can see your shop, what can be ordered in the store; can also directly order food payment, after ordering the restaurant will be sent through the small program to the nearby Dada, fast delivery and other platforms. This will not only greatly increase the takeaway sales of our restaurant's catering, but it will also not increase the cost in the caterer.

It can be seen that with the small program platform, as long as the operation is done well, business must not be slow in the off-season, more prosperous in the peak season. Because this is the way to go for traditional retailers who want to upgrade and change their development, WeChat applets are essential! With the rapid development of small programs, they will also bring more opportunities for merchants to attract traffic and profit in the future.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, everything starts small, in the moment, and business is as hot as the heat.

If you want to have your own small program, you can scan the code and ask for it~ Thank you!

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