Man lying across a bridge late at night, hit on the spot by a Zhuhai bus and his head blown off! The case traffic police are shivering!

Late one night last month, a frightening scene occurred on the Hengqin Second Bridge section of the Pearl River Delta Ring Road Expressway, where a bus from Zhuhai Airport was travelling when the driver noticed a dark figure lying on the road. As the bus approached, this dark figure suddenly sat up and was instantly hit in the head by the bus. And in the scene 100 meters away, there is an unmanned Toyota car slowly moving, a passing woman was this unmanned car scared half to death, is it a "ghost car"?

At 21:42 on the evening of December 9, 2017, a bizarre phone call was made to the command center of the Zhuhai Traffic Police Detachment. A woman claimed to have seen an unmanned "ghost car" driving slowly on the Hengqin Second Bridge, with no one on board. Receiving this call at night, the responding officer's heart gave a cold shiver, this is a big joke!

But within a few minutes, another 911 call came in and there was a real accident on the 2nd Yokohama Bridge!

Airport bus night scare at Hengqin Second Bridge

It all started with professional driver Master Lin!

That night at 21:00, Master Lin drove the Zhuhai Airport Auto Transport Company's Guangdong C9××83 bus from the airport to pick up seven or eight passengers to Hengqin Changlong. At about 21:50, Master Lin drove to Hengqin Second Bridge. At that time, Master Lin was driving in the leftmost overtaking lane, and he wanted to drive faster, so that he could leave work earlier after delivering his customers. Suddenly, Master Lin found a dark shadow on the ground a few dozen meters ahead. Passengers in the car exclaimed, some saying it was a rock; others, women, exclaimed, 'It's a man, it's a man! "

As the distance has been very close, Master Lin did not dare to jerk the direction, if hit the guardrail or overturned, a car of people may be in danger of life. The lesser of two evils! At the critical moment, Master Lin honked his horn, grabbed the steering wheel and stepped on the brakes sharply, his heart was in his throat. "Stop it now! Stop it now! "Master Lin kept praying inside.

But it was not to be! In an instant, the bus flew to the heels of the passerby. Seeing that he couldn't brake, Master Lin prayed again that the bus would step over the passerby and the tires wouldn't run over him. But Master Lin was destined to have bad luck that night! The man who was lying flat on the ground, just a moment before the bus approached, sat up from the ground in a ghostly manner.

"There was a muffled bang and the bus traveled some more distance before coming to a complete stop. Everything is calm again! Master Lin broke down to his core and slapped the steering wheel hard. I can hear the desperate cries of this middle-aged man's heart even through the computer screen!

There's a "ghost car" 100 meters away.

After receiving the call, the highway police and 120 quickly arrived at the scene and confirmed that the struck passerby died on the spot.

The traffic police saw the deceased lying flat on his back in the overtaking lane with his head smashed and bloody and a large pool of blood on the ground. The bus, on the other hand, had collision marks at the front number plate, a dented license plate and no other signs of collision on the body.

And in front of the deceased about a hundred meters position, is an inverted "Y" shaped off-ramp, in the right side of the off-ramp emergency lane, there is a black AL × × 82 Toyota Crown car parked alone on the road, the front of the car next to the roadside guardrail, the car is still hanging D gear, no engine off, the door is wide open, the car is empty.

Who really owns this driverless Crown Vic? Why was it at the scene of the accident? Did this little car have anything to do with the accident? The police officer's mind braked with more than N question marks.

Master Lin fifty-fifty will be the accident to the traffic police made an account, he admitted to hit the passerby, but absolutely no collision Toyota Crown small car. Master Lin suspected that the passerby was knocked to the ground by another car before being hit by his bus.

Judging from all the signs, the deceased was most likely the driver of the Crown Vic, but why was the driver lying asleep on the road while the car was a hundred metres away with its doors wide open and unmanned? Is it really haunted by the legendary ghosts?

One phone call was the key to solving the case

There are no ghosts, and to figure out the heavy suspicion, the identity of the dead must be known first. The traffic police checked the Crown minivan and found a cell phone in the driver's seat, but no boot code. The moment the phone lit up, it showed multiple missed calls, and the traffic cop rushed to make a note of them, then called them one by one to ask questions.

One of the calls was answered and a man named Qiu was on the other end of the line. As soon as Qiu heard the traffic police say the license plate of Black AL××82, he said with certainty that it was his friend Xin's car.

Qiu soon came to the highway traffic police brigade and said he and Xin met in March 2017, when he joined an environmental protection company in Jinwan and Xin was his boss. In October, Qiu left his former company after finding a job as a security guard in Hengqin. On the night of the incident, Xin drove a Toyota No. Black AL××82 to catch up with him and called his friend Li, who was a chef, and the three of them ate at a small restaurant in Hengqin, during which Xin and Li each drank a small bottle of 40-degree "Jiang Xiaobai".

Because he had to work that night, Qiu didn't drink and left early after he had eaten almost all of his meal. At about 21:00 p.m., Qiu called Xin and learned that Xin was on his way back to Jinwan by car. Qiu told him to call back to the office to report his safety, but then he kept calling Xin's phone unanswered until he received a call from the traffic police, and learned that Xin had broken his soul on the Hengqin Second Bridge.

Why was the deceased separated from the vehicle by 100 meters?

We can finally identify the deceased Xin as the driver of the Toyota Crown Vic! But why is there a separation of people and vehicles for over 100 meters? What about Xin lying asleep in the passing lane again? The traffic police conducted a blood test on Xin and the alcohol content was 294.3mg/100mL, a serious DUI.

Remember the 911 call from a lady at the beginning of the article? The traffic police found the lady again, the lady said that night she took a friend's car to go to Changlong to play, to the Hengqin Second Bridge before the Hongwan interchange interchange, sitting in the passenger seat of the lady through the car window, suddenly saw the left front lane lying a black shadow, while the right front emergency lane has a black car in slow motion. The driver's door of the minivan was wide open and the driver's side was surprisingly unoccupied. First the dark shadow, then the driverless car, the lady's heart was scared "poof" at that time.

But a woman's curiosity tends to overcome her fears! The lady looked in the rearview mirror again and found the driverless car still moving, headlights shooting out two columns of white light, when she clearly saw the license plate with "black A".

Combined with the bus traffic recorder and Lin master, Ms., plus the Toyota Crown car driving trajectory, the traffic police speculate (just speculation): Xin in drunk driving to the Hengqin Second Bridge, the influence of alcohol has been unable to drive normally, in the process of driving Xin opened the door and rolled from the driver's seat into the overtaking lane; and the car has been hanging D gear slowly forward, has been 100 meters away from hitting the guardrail before stopping. And Xin had passed out on the overtaking lane until the bus approached, and he sat up like a ghost, pulling Master Lin through the last moments of his life ......

see one's child die before oneself

Upon investigation, the deceased, Xin, 41, a native of Liaoning, suffered from hypertensive syndrome. Divorced for three years, with a 12-year-old son in the care of Xin's mother back home. Xin's parents only knew that he was working in Zhuhai, but the elderly knew nothing about what he was doing in which company. The last time Xin and his parents saw each other was at the Mid-Autumn Festival in 2017, and I'm not sure if I'll see them again this time, but it's already a white head for a black head.

The airport bus driven by Master Lin was identified by a professional body as having a speed of 90km/h, exceeding the speed limit of 80km.

Recently, the traffic police investigated and researched the intricate accident and made a determination that

(a) The first accident: Xin drove a motor vehicle on the road while intoxicated and was fully responsible for the accident due to improper measures and failure to drive safely in accordance with the code of practice, resulting in the collision of the car with the guardrail.

The second accident: Xin entered the motorway lane to sit and lie down, which was the main aspect of fault leading to this accident, and was primarily responsible for the accident; Lin drove a large ordinary bus speeding, did not drive in the right lane as required, and did not take appropriate measures for the dangerous situation found, which was another aspect of fault leading to this accident, and was secondarily responsible for the accident.

Driving under the influence is harmful! A glass of Jiang Xiao Bai, ruined a life, dragged two families down, left innocent children without fathers and grey-haired old men without sons! The end of the year has seen an increase in socializing, so wake up drinkers!

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