cool hit counter Mao Ming City Bureau and Gaocheng City Bureau two levels of Internet police: innovative party-themed activities to carry out network security promotion_Intefrankly

Mao Ming City Bureau and Gaocheng City Bureau two levels of Internet police: innovative party-themed activities to carry out network security promotion

On June 12, 2018, the Internet police at both levels of the Maoming City Bureau and Gaozhou City Bureau carried out innovative party-themed activities and actively organized cyber security awareness activities in Yingzhou Park in conjunction with volunteers from the Gaozhou City New Hope Love Promotion Association to promote cyber fraud, Internet rumors and other cyber security prevention knowledge to the public.

On-site promotion

Knowledge of security precautions

Through a practical case, the police popularized the importance of network security to the public, and also explained how to prevent network fraud in life and work, how to prevent leakage of personal information, how to screen and prevent network rumors and other issues of common concern.

In the activity, the police demonstrated to everyone how to safely use mobile terminals for online payment, online transactions and other daily operations; at the same time, the police explained to the public on network investment fraud and network trading fraud, analyzing the criminals often in Taobao, eBay and other well-known network trading sites, taking low price temptation and false advertising and other means to implement network trading fraud, as well as through the dissemination of false investment information on the network, fraudulent investors money or through concealment, false statements and other ways to make investors make serious errors of understanding and make wrong investment decisions and therefore suffer losses.

During the activity, the police patiently answered questions from the public and urged everyone to "disbelieve rumors, do not spread rumors, do not create rumors" in the network behavior, and encouraged everyone to report on network rumors and network crime.

The publicity activities of "Theme Party Day + Network Security" not only enriched the form and content of branch life, but also promoted the popular knowledge of network security to the public and further enhanced the public's awareness of network security, which was well received by the public.

Group photo of police officers at the publicity campaign

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