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The principle of mapping

How to map

How to check if it has been mapped

How to check if the private key is correct

Does it have to be mapped

I. Why Mapping


为什么ETH地址不能在EOS上用?为什么BTC地址不能在ETH上用?简单来说,就是私钥可以生成公钥,公钥生成地址。因为 The algorithms for generating addresses for public keys are different, so tokens from different master chains cannot be mixed . For example, the same private key A generates public key B. On the ETH, public key B generates an address of0x ..., while on EOS, the public key B generates an address ofEOS...。

II. Principles of mapping

When EOS goes live, know in advance how much EOS is in each ETH address. Suppose there are 3 ETH addresses (fake, for demonstration purposes).

由于EOS主网认不出ETH地址 , so for the EOS tokens to be distributed properly after the EOS mainnet goes live, there also needs to be an EOS address, so the above table becomes.

Corresponding ETH addresses to EOS addresses, this is called mapping

Going a little deeper, looking at the EOS smart contract, see the registration section at

最关键的语句就是 keys[msg.sender] = key; 这里msg.sender为ETH地址,key为EOS地址。注册方法就是把ETH地址和对应的EOS地址记录下来。

三、 How to map

Once you know the principle, how do you map it? Three methods.

a. save time and trouble by putting in the exchange, but Always make sure the exchange has issued a notice supporting the mapping first . The biggest downside is that some of the candy, the exchanges don't always support. There are also exchanges currently claiming to support all sweets, but it is still recommended, where possible, that EOS put wallets and do their own mapping.

b. If you can climb the wall and know English, we recommend the official website.

c. Can't go over the wall, want to keep it simple, recommend imtoken.

Official Website Mapping

1.打开,往下拉,找到 GET EOS。需要翻墙,确保不是中国和美国的IP,否则 GET EOS按钮为灰色。

2.会出现一个可以多选的页面,把5个框都选上,再继续。新的页面往下拉到How to Participate部分,点击 register

3. Scroll down, select a wallet, such as Metamask, and click on EOS TOKEN DISTRIBUTION. Note that you need to unlock Metamask in advance and switch to the address you want to map first.

4. If registered, the red box is Change Your EOS KEY; if unmapped, the red box is Register EOS (REGISTER EOS KEY). Click on the red box section.

5. Here, the public key Public key, and the private key are generated. Enter the private key at Confirm private key and click the black button I HAVE SAFELY BACKUP MY PRIVATE KEY. At this point, the mapping is done.


打开imtoken,点击 发现 -> Candy Bar -> EOS映射

Click and it will appear that it is being tested



IV. How to check if it has been mapped

许多人做完映射,可能还想确认到底映射有没有问题。可以到网站 验证:


五、 How to check if the private key is correct

Private key forgotten, can be remapped; verify private key, any tool, the point is that it can be used offline and leaves no record . Optionally.

a. If you can compile the source code yourself, you can finish compiling it and pass the command cleos wallet import private key,查看运行结果。如果出现对应的公钥,说明私钥正确。

b. imtoken has no subsequent entry point to verify the private key again, except when mapping.

d. eos cafe has a tool out that helps verify that the private key is correct. The EOS Cannon coinhustle was introduced ( If you're not sure, you can uninstall it after use and network it again.

VI. Does it have to be mapped

Not necessarily, but mapping is highly recommended . Thomas said it's not mapped and the tokens won't be lost. For more information, see: [Original] EOS DAWN 4.0 Changes

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